Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All good things must end

Today is our final Wednesday watching Sawyer and Harper. Emily is almost done with work for the school  year! So in honor of our last cousin' lovin' Wednesday I just have a bunch of fun photos from the day to share---enjoy!!

They're coming  for me---ruuuuuuunnnnnn! :-)

Poor Brielle---her  short  little  legs just couldn't  keep up!
Now a little ring around  the rosie! (you're welcome neighbors, because  certainly  looking out your window to see 4 adorable  kids frolicking in the front yard is a wonderful way to start your day! :-)

Once again,  shorty was left  behind
Isn't  Harper's romper super adorable? It's from Old Navy and my girls were quite  jealous haha. I  had mine wearing old playclothes and then Harper showed up in this! :-) It was a gift from a friend of Emily's and Emily wanted  me to take  pictures of the kids in their clothes to show her here they are modeling their  duds!!!

Here's  to secretly hoping your Mama dramatically shrinks your outfit  so that it must be  passed down to Brielle ;-)

She wasn't playing along with his  kisses photoshoot attempt!

Shot down!

Yummy sand

Harper won't get  in unless  I force her haha...she  likes  to stand outside the sandbox saying "yucky!"

And yet it's not  yucky to examine (very carefully) everyone's dirty shoes LOL

Sad puppy dog face

She  may have  short legs, but  Miss  Brielle is  by  far the most active, athletic, and daring kid out of all 4 of them!!! Harper won't even  get on the trampoline---Brielle  happily  bounces all around in there haha

Harper's favorite  past time? Playing  with the velcro straps on my sandals LOL. She  sits there saying "NO BRIELLE!!!!!!!!!  It's MY shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Even though Brielle isn't even attempting  to  take "her" shoe :-P
Sawyer  got to go on a ride with Raya  in her jeep today

Giving me the stink face haha

We checked out the flowers...

I told Harper to smell  them...

She's got  her  eye on the  prize....

Smelling success!! :-)
Like  I said, we were just  in hand me down playclothes  today, but I  did always like this little tank when Raya  wore it
Playing  peekaboo on the porch
His mission was to run me over!

Catching bubbles

Check out  Raya's hair  after a cat fight  with harper lol

So we played with the water table today and the kids got wet. I dug out some of Raya's  clothes for Sawyer and tried to pick the  least feminine things I could find! They wanted to dress as twins ;-)

I don't  know why I tried finding something not super feminine though, because they  immediately started playing "princesses" and Sawyer went all  out! (Buddy, these will  definitely  be showing  up at your high school graduation ;-)

He was "twirling"

I  wish *my* legs looked  that good in heels! LOL


And  to end, a photoshoot with  Raya  and  Sawyer---do not fear, even though this  is our last  officially couin' lovin' wednesday I am sure we'll  still be seeing them weekly  all  summer!!!!


  1. Those last pics of the two cousins??? OMG adorable!

    and i love him in the heels. hehe

  2. Super cute pictures. Loving sawyer in the dress up wear!!! Haha

  3. Those are super awesome photos. It's great to have photos like this for them to look back on in about 20 years. Great memories you all are making! =)

  4. Love, love, love the pics!!!! The pics where Sawyer is pulling the girls is soooo cute, love the one where Harper is smelling the flowers is soooo funny!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Really cute pics! I like the black and white one of the 4 kids running towards you with Sawyer in the lead. That one would look really nice in a frame. The black and white ones of Sawyer and Raya at the end are super cute too.

    Harper's outfit is ADORABLE! She is such a little cutie. Love her little pony tail too, was that an added touch by Aunt Shawna? Even though Raya and Brielle's shirts were just for play I thought they were really cute too and like that they are matching each other. :)

    1. Yeah, I liked that one too---unfortunately Brielle is out of focus in that one so I'm not sure how bad it would look like printed. It's hard to tell on the blog, but I think with all the kids at different "depths" I didn't know how to focus my camera right on that photo.

      Yes, the ponytail was my doing haha. I keep seeing so many cute clothes, like the old navy romper, but then I look at my girls' closets and remember that I'd be crazy to buy more stuff LOL


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