Monday, May 7, 2012

Child's Play

First things first, let's all  get our fashion bearings shall we?

Yesterday the girls were both wearing my very favorite  brand, Naartjie  If you haven't  yet ordered something from here you are missing out! Yesterday our town had a little downtown festival going on and  when we went there I couldn't believe everyone who commented on their outfits (Raya's particulary). Ok, I guess I  *could* believe it, because they were stinkin' cute haha.

If you're wondering what size to order, I'd say it's running pretty true to size. Here Raya is wearing size 3 capris and size 4 top. I could have gotten away with a size 3 top, but I wanted it to fit more like a dress, and then she can wear it next year too.

Brielle was being a horrible  model lol. She's wearing size 12-18 months here, which is still plenty big on my little peanut ;-) The shorts are very cute and ruffly---when she's not rolling around on the floor lol
So anyways, our Sunday was just  a play  day. As I  said, we spent the afternoon downtown walking around, but the rest of the day we played!

Here's what play time looks  like around our  house:

Saturday night  I  gave Brielle a haircut! Say hello to the baby bob ;-) You all  know my dislike of
crazy baby  hair  and  particularly baby mullets lol. I  prefer  to  keep baby hair short until it  can all  grow out together without the baby mullet in back, so that's what we did! The front and bangs are still a hot mess though haha...gotta keep growing out those bangs!

This cannot  possibly  be  a comfortable  position :-P

As tiring as having  two kids 19 months apart is (and I don't think I  could have done them that close twice  in a row! lol)
it's all worth it when they play together nicely.

She  found Lee's pound puppies

You'd  think  she's have a 50% shot at picking the  right  chair, but she always ends up in Raya's!

....which never  goes over well  with Miss  Raya of course

The Queen, back  in her  rightful throne

You might  think  that Raya  is  the one teaching Brielle these dangerous games, but you'd be wrong
....Miss Brielle is  always dreaming up things  to show Raya!!!

And Miss Raya  is quite  graceful ;-)

I was measuring her for her birthday  skirt....and next thing I know she is saying "look mommy...a scarf! It's a little bit
chilly in here"  :-)
Playtime also  involves smelling  my Scentsy bars lately....both girls are obsessed with this lol

And it  wouldn't  be  playtime without making a mess of my sippy cup drawer! Miss Brielle  figured  out how to open the baby  locks! She very cleverly sticks her  little finger  in, finds the lock, pushes down, and opens the cupboards right  up :-P

Another  look at the  baby  bob haircut ;-)
So I hope you enjoyed playing with us! Are you all exhausted  yet, because  I sure  am! LOL

Here are a few more random pictures  to end---happy Monday!

Please note that there is really nothing  I can  do about Brielle's weird hair from the ears forward lol. Grow baby, grow! ;-)
Hence the ponytail whenever  she'll allow it!


  1. Brielle is starting to look so girly and pretty! I can't believe how big she's getting! Also I love Raya's tape measure scarf. It'll be the trend in LA by fall. :)

  2. their outfits are adorable!!! cute pictures, I'll have to check out this store.

  3. I have to check out that clothing store site! You had mentioned it back a while ago and I kind of forgot about it. Cute photos!

  4. I love how the girls look at each other in the pics!!!!!!! Such pretty girls!!! Brielles haircut looks good, she needed it trimmed!!!!
    Grama F


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