Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cousin Lovin' and Tot School

First  off, today is Wednesday and that means there's a lot of cousin lovin' taking place over here today :-)

As always, we  spent  a good part  of our morning playing with Raya's kitchen stuff. This has been  one of the best investments ever...wooden and by  KidKraft...if you're  looking for a gift idea you should look into this stuff! :-) For some reason all ages are obsessed haha.

Harper's  been on a little  bit  of  a naughty streak, which often leaves Brielle feeling uneasy in her presence LOL

Naughty? Who me?! :-P

How big's Brielle? SO BIG!

She has  the best  scrunchy nose smile! :-)

She was not  enjoying  her  ponytail  today

In the  time it took  me to snap this picture Miss Harper got pinch happy---how can this picture be so stinkin' cute and yet so pitiful, all at the same time?!
And now on to some tot school stuff.  First, is it really tot school when it's for 3-4 year olds? I sorta feel like it's more preschool and less tot school :-P Either  way they are growing too fast!

First, today we made rainbows out of fruit loops and cotton balls.  They loved it! They squeezed out the glitter  glue,  arranged the fruit loops, and  made the  clouds.  Sawyer  kept saying "this  was a really fun craft Shawna!"

Then we did some cutting and pasting pages from one of Raya's new books

This book  is a little old for  her (for ages 4-6) but  she LOVES using a scissors and gluing so I help her and she gets it done (although not pretty haha). These Kumon books are awesome. I got this one at Barnes and Noble...they are a little more expensive than generic workbooks but very nice and well laid out. They start for ages 2+

These are the first two pages Raya did

She still struggles with a scissors, but she's not  even  3 yet (sometimes I forget haha). I helped her hold the paper and she cut ....they look just like the example photos don't they?! ;-)

She was so excited  for Sawyer to do one with her today

Sawyer  had fun too---he's  just  making a "Mad bulldog" face to match his bulldog picture haha.

The book  has  lots  of other cutting  and  pasting activities too---the  animal faces just  happen to be Raya's favorite :-)

Also as a heads up, did you know Walmart has  these sticker books for only $1 ?!  They have reusable  stickers which is great...and they have all  kinds of different skills in them. They are more for the 2-3 age range I'd say. I'd say they are too young for Sawyer skill wise, but still  fun.

My mom and dad found  awesome learn to read book  series from Discovery Toys (love  that  brand) at a garage sale. Raya can't read yet obviously, but she's still  loving me reading the books to her.

And if you haven't discovered these yet, you really should get some

You can get these just about anywhere, including walmart. Raya has  had this one for awhile...she's probably ready to move up to a 3-4 age one. But they are great because the individual flip card sets are perfect for  sticking in your purse when you need to kill some time out and about.

So that's where  we have  been  with Tot School lately.  Raya actually  has PRESCHOOL open house  next  week! I  can't  believe  she'll  be going to school in the fall...yikes! Granted only 5 hours a week, but  still haha. As a school psychologist  myself  I think I'm getting a little nervous about her going to any  kind of school, because I want her  to be one of those kids that really  impresses the teachers---I don't want  her  to be behind! Hard to be  behind at age 3 I guess, but it doesn't hurt  to do our Tot School every day as long as she keeps loving it :-)

And to end, a random pic of the girls from yesterday


  1. You are just the craftiest mama ever!! Can my kids come to your "tot school"??? hehe

  2. I have heard those Kumon books are good. I have never gotten them, but I should!

    Adorable girls!!

  3. What Dept are those sticker books in at walmart? Toys? Books? School supplies?

    1. I found them right in the books section. At my walmart the books are up front by checkout....they had a section of coloring books/workbooks and that's where they were :-)

  4. OMG!!! That pic of Harper standing over poor little Brielle is so funny, it looks like Harper has her little pinching fingers all ready to go!!! Love that sad pic of Brielle!!!!
    Grama F


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