Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cousin Ryan! (Aunt Megan and Uncle Shawn too :-)

Lee's brother Shawn, wife Megan, and our nephew baby Ryan were visiting from Ohio the  last few days! They were staying in Illinois with Lee's parents  on the farm so we drove down yesterday to see them. We hadn't seen baby Ryan since  we went to Ohio right after  he was born, and now he's  almost 6 months old! Don't worry, I took  plenty of pictures :-) And since Ryan doesn't get the pleasure of coming to my house weekly like Sawyer and Harper do, I  think that  I should probably post 1000 pictures of him to help him catch up, don't  you? hehe.

Luckily my mom wanted the girls today so I have time to do an epic blog post--enjoy!  (And  a few of these are from Megan's  camera, so we both take credit for the  wealth of photos...although I think  Megan was shocked when she saw that  I had taken like 400 pictures by  mid day ---I  think the grand total was over  600 :-)

We did a cousin photoshoot  of course---more  from that to come :-)
When we arrived yesterday Miss Raya warmed  up pretty quickly to cousin Ryan...

Cousin Ryan looks a little love drunk ;-)

Playing catch together!

And while this  wonderful cousin bonding was taking  place, Miss Brielle  and cousin Ryan had  very different opinions of eachother!

One of them would start crying  and then  it would  scare the other and then that one would start crying too haha
In addition to cousin time, I  got lots of Aunt time too! Ryan even put on the onesie I got him--yes Ryan, I  *am* the best! :-)

Like  I was  saying, he totally  loves  me :-P
Since Aunt  Megan  and Uncle Shawn  couldn't come to Raya's birthday they  brought her  presents---super fun! They got her a horse  and a doll that  you color and then you can  color them over and  over  again and just wash them. Raya immediately went  to  work  on the horse when we were there :-)

The horse has a removable horse blanket with designs to color, but you can also color right  on the horse.  The doll has  a removable dress. You can color "makeup" on them hehe.

Thanks Aunt  Megan!! (And Uncle  Shawn and Ryan :-)
Megan got a nice  workout throwing Ryan up in the air to coax out smiles! That  boy  is solid--they  said he's 22lbs and he's long too. He is starting to wear size 12 month and Brielle  can still  wear 12 month too haha.

"Seriously  mom---heard  of shaken baby  syndrome?"   :-P

Oh, we also hung out with  "the deer" ....the deer who overlooks Grandma and Grandpa's  living room is somewhat a member  of the family.  Raya never liked him much, even as a baby...

....she's still not a fan...

Ryan also  isn't so sure  about the deer...

...and then there is Miss Brielle---Daddy's girl. She's LOVED the deer and  insisted that I hold her  up to it  no less than 20 times yesterday haha

Our attempt at a "family picture"  with  the deer  got a little crazy.  Raya  wanted  down, Ryan looked like  he was being  sacrificed or something, and Brielle couldn't figure out what the heck  everyone else  was doing up there  with her LOL. Love it :-)

Let's take  a quick  break  to look  at cute  pictures  of cousin Ryan, shall  we?

Sorry Ryan, but  your crying  face was too cute not to take a picture of ;-)

He just needed some cuddles with mama
We went  outside  to experience the farm and take some tractor rides!

"Hi Everyone, the  tractor is  awesome!"

I did a lot of this "sepia" color on the farm pictures---it seems very farm-like to me LOL
This might  be  my favorite  picture of the whole day---little  girl, big barn :-)

I  think  sometime when Brielle is slightly  older and  more cooperative  I might have  to bring the girls to  the  farm for photos--dress  them up in little cowgirl hats and boots ;-)

And  inside the barn....

Oh no, what  happened? Did she  fall?!?! Was she  attacked?! Nope...just caught a glimpse of a cow :-P

I'm just  going  out on a limb here, but  I'm guessing she's *not* a farm girl :-P

"Mama, there is  dirt  and stinky animals at this  place...."
And then there's Miss Brielle....she loved it!

Looking at the bull...she  wanted right up by the fence

It's so fun to see how different sisters can be!  I love  both their little personalities :-)

Daddy's girls

It was really sunny (and  hot!) so we got lots of squinty eyes in the famr pictures

She has  the most  perfect face! :-)

I love  this one :-)

Had to  get  some very "farmy" pictures ....farmy is totally  a real word :-P

Here's the farmhouse---Lee's  childhood  home

I  love this one too

Seeing cows with Grandpa...Raya didn't  scream this  time

Brielle is at that age where she is very unsure of people other than mommy and daddy

But she still  went  for a walk  with Grandpa!

Grandpa had two sons...I wonder  what he thinks  of all the girl power  on his farm now?!

I'm guessing he doesn't mind :-)

After all  that  hard work  on the farm it was time to come in for  a nice refreshing beverage!

He's cheek-tastic :-)

He just  went for  it---what a stud! :-)
Play time!

I want it so bad!!!

She suddenly just threw legos at me!

trying to sit up

Getting tired!
Before  naps we did our cousin photoshoot. If you've  never  tried to get 3 kids  under age 3 to pose and look at the camera then you can't  fully appreciate how good these are haha. Getting them alll  to look  at the same time? Pretty much impossible! But  we got lots  of cute ones :-) We had many people behind me all  making noises and trying to catch their attention so I guess I can't  blame them for not knowing exactly where to look!

Brielle  is thinking "I  don't  exactly  know  what's going on,  but I already sense it's going to suck" :-P

Raya was thinking "could someone  please  come take  care of this  crying kid?!"

She had her hands full trying to wrangle the two  little ones, but  she  did a good job!

Are we done  yet?
Yeah, really, are we done  yet?

She was trying to comfort him...even  though it looks like she's trying to tear his head off lol

It's  ok cousin Ryan!
Such a good big cousin and sister!

We also  attempted a family photo

It was so insanely hot that my  hair  is looking kinda  sad though haha
And then of course the girls expressed their desire to be done with pictures!

So funny  story, when we got to IL yesterday and walked  in the house I saw Megan the exact blue stripe shirt that  I  almost wore haha...I  told her we were so close to being twins !! We laughed  about how we could have  gotten a picture  of us wearing the same shirt....and the noticed that our husbands *had* actually dressed like twins! They had both worn camo shorts and gray tshirts LOL.  Too funny! So then Megan said she had another stripe shirt in a different color that  I could borrow, so I put it on and we got matchy matchy couple pictures :-)

We're getting close  to the end of my pictures...hold on! :-)

Here are some cute  pictures with Grandma...

When taking this  photo I  heard Grandpa in the background saying "no Raya, don't do that! It doesn't look natural!"'s a lost  cause  Larry, I've tried :-P

At least the "sweet smile" Sawyer taught her is a little better

We wore Ryan out!!
So it  was definitely a successful trip! We're not sure when we'll  see them all next, but hopefully  all these photos can hold us over  for awhile :-)

It's nice  when the whole  family can get together!


  1. Cute pictures. Love Brielle's stripped outfit. Ryan has gotten so big, what a cutie

  2. I love Raya's hair in those half up pigtails!

    Lee and his brother look so much alike, and they were dressed the same, so that is probably even more why I think so!

    Love the picture of Ryan throwing himself back where you are saying how much he loves you - haha! Your comments on some of your photos crack me up!

    Looks like you guys had a great time though!!

  3. What fantastic pics!!!!!! Love, love,love those pics of the girls in black and white, especialy walking with Grandpa H, Ryan has grown way too fast, what a sweetheart!!!!
    Grama F

  4. Long post!! Cute photos, looks like you guys had a good time. Brielle's contrasting personality to Raya's cracks me up. That doll is really cute, do you know where she got it? They would be a good gift for my cousins.

    1. She said she ordered it on Amazon. I've also seen things like that at target, but not sure if they had the doll one specifically :-)


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