Friday, May 4, 2012

Fashion Friday photoshoots and Friday with Finn!

First things first, my little  fashionista  made  her  Mama proud today---I mean, check out that spur of the moment modeling she pulled out for me! :-)

She's  looking  so grown up!

...and before you think "oh my god, sign that  girl up for  modeling!" I should point  out that she soon let me know she  was done modeling lol

Today  Raya was wearing a tank from Children's Place (love the lace and ruffles on the front!) and khaki shorts  from Walmart. Both size 4 --not 4t (she's starting to get into some of the older girl stuff--so exciting because I  like the less babyish looking stuff on her now!)

Today Brielle wore a size 12 month Carter's romper from last summer that Grandma bought her---still fits! Straps are actually too big still and keep falling down lol.

And did you know that my poor starving baby has to forage for leftover food when I'm not  looking?

And yes, she's *on* my kitchen table
And today Mr. Finn came to play...Miss Raya was as excited as ever :-)

We had  to do a photoshoot with Finn of course--love  playing  with  my camera!

Raya's always nearby with a reassuring pat on the head hehe

How big's Finn? SOOOO BIG! :-)

Fridays with  cute girls? Yes  please!

And now, because everyone knows I have a problem and  need to post 100 pictures of the same thing because "they're all so cute!" are a bunch of random extras from today....enjoy!

Modeling the  hat she made :-P

Raya's signature look haha---the evil  eye

Raya taught Brielle how to blow cheerios around on the table

This baby Finn is boring---I'm just going to read a book :-)
Cute wrinkly forehead


These girls wear me out!


  1. GREAT pictures of Finn!! What a cutie! How can you not want a little boy of your own after seeing that face! ;)

    1. He's definitely cute! But I also have fun sending him home so that he can keep his Mama up all night, and not me! ;-)

  2. Cute pictures raya. Keira has that same romper has Brielle too cute. Finn is adorable!!!!

  3. Great pictures!!! Love that Raya posed for you - haha!!

  4. Raya is lookng sooo grown up(and I don't like it) she needs to stay little as long as possible!!!!I'm glad those rompers still fit Brielle, she'll get some more use out of them!!! I wish I could have Finn for a day!!! What a cutie!!
    Grama F


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