Saturday, May 5, 2012

Feels like summer!

So today we had thought about taking our boat out on the lake, and so I got the girls dressed for boating. But then we got sidetracked doing yardwork (because we bought  some flower and plants last night) so our boating day sorta turned into  yardwork day lol. We'll  make it out on the boat sometime!

Today  Brielle was wearing an outfit  that Raya  also  wore, so I  thought we could do a side by side comparison :-)

I  still think  they look a lot alike! You just  have  to  get over the eye color difference haha. And Raya's face was rounder/chubbier for sure.

Today Raya  wore a romper too

When poses go horribly wrong lol
Brielle did not like her hat---Raya was insisting on a hat! Go figure.

Life is so horrible  with this stupid hat in it :-P

And I appologize once again, but I"m  currently on a streak of not blogging about anything important, and instead just posting a million pictures because I can't get over how beautiful my girls are! Bare with me ;-)

Sweet girl
She has so  many  expressions, I have  to capture them all!

And  then we headed outside! Both girls  just  love being outside. Brielle enjoyed running into  the  street while we chased her and squealed lol....and Raya enjoyed following Brielle around and trying to keep her in line :-P

The puppies  also enjoyed our  morning outside! Here is Gunner  just  chillaxin'

He's a very modest  puppy ;-)

The girls helped Daddy pick  up the clippings

Check  out the pretty hanging  pots  that  Lee got me last  night---so excited to finally have  a front porch where I can have hanging flowers! lol...yes, that is something I actually longed for at the old house, funny enough :-P

And to end, more random pictures of my girls!

Please excuse  her  hair in all  these. She had just come  from lunch where  she rubbed her  meal  through her hair :-P

I love her scrunchy nose smile!!!!

So big!

This picture just cracks me up. The  exact moment when big butt Raya pushed Brielle
off the rock  when  trying to sit down haha

Love these  girls :-)

Watching Daddy!

She's laughing, not crying haha

Running after Mama!'s officially nap time!


  1. Loving Brielle's romper, fun colors

  2. What adorable photos! I have seen rompers everywhere in the stores lately! I wasn't sure about them at first, but after seeing them everywhere on vacation i'm really starting to love them! =)

  3. Brielle looks soooo cute in that romper!!! Love the pics with the girls together, soooo cute!!!
    Grama F


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