Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday with Finn

It's another Friday with  baby Finn around here today!

Miss Raya, the little mother hen, is in 7th heaven. She has held the baby, fed the baby, helped the baby do crafts, etc. etc....and always so proud to be the big  helper!

Finn is a great sport, but when he's  done he's done! :-)

Brielle is still  unsure---she did touch  his toe though ;-)
I had to laugh when I was trying  to finish my sandwich  at lunch and feed Finn with one hand....Raya came up to me and said "Mommy, I think  you're hands are full with your sandwich, so I  will hold Finn's bah bah for you"  LOL....I've decided that when your kids start talking you quickly learn the phrases  that you must say a lot as a mom---because they start repeating them!

For Tot School  today we did some mother's day crafts. We decided Finn could make a card for his Mommy too! Raya had so much fun helping to paint Finn's feet---and Finn seemed to love it too because he was smiling the whole time we did  it!

"Are you sure I'm old enough for this Tot School stuff?"
I had gotten the idea for this  little  card on Pinterest....with little babies I  don't even attempt handprints because it's too we found a footprint thing and he did well! Still  pretty hard to get good footprints though when you're doing it onehanded and trying to keep his little painted foot from being kicked all over the place :-)

"I love Tot School!!!!"   (excuse the  bad  lighting  here---oops :-)

And now if you want a daily  dose of cuteness keep reading to see some of my favorite photoshoot pics  of Mr.  Finn from today! :-)

Here are some of the many faces of Finn:

He was lovin'  the shaggy green rug in Raya's room! :-)


Another good onto the weekend!!!! :-)


  1. Aww, what a great helper! I am going to back in time on your blog and see how Raya was with Brielle when she was a baby so I kind of know what to expect with Kyla. She hasn't had much interaction with babies.

    Have a great weekend and happy Mother's Day!

  2. Raya is just soooo sweet, she reminds me soooo much of you when you were little, you just loved babies!!! Those pics of Finn on his tummy with his arm under him are as good as any professional pics I have seen!!!!
    Grama F


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