Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday with Finn....and my little sassypants girls :-P

Finn was out of town last week, so today when he showed up Raya went right  to work lovin' on him 2 weeks worth LOL.

Finn continues to  enjoy all t hings  girlie when he's  here---today  he had  a very long (and apparently funny!) conversation with Brielle's  doll ;-)

"What? Real men wear  camo *and* play with dolls. Get with the times!"
Check  out miss sassypants doing  her strutt down the hallway today LOL...

Brielle is a little sassypants too---today she came and got me, did her little "follow me" grunt, and then marched herself down the hallway...

Are you coming?

Ok mama, get me all  my pacis and blankets!

HELP ME! I can't reach them!
Who wants  to see a few more cute pics of Mr.  Finn from today? He's been a good boy and is currently napping....he's getting this whole "naptime is sacred" thing figured out :-)

Let's end with pictures  of the  girls  playing in their  pool  yesterday---sorry, these suits aren't quite as cute as yesterday! Actually, Brielle's is Gymboree and adorable, but too big haha. I loved  it so much for Raya though I just had to try it on her yesterday :-) Raya's swimsuit is just Kmart---cheapy but still cute :-)   (Since  today  is also Fashion Friday, let's talke suits one s econd. In case  you've never tried  Gymboree  swimsuits  you should!  They are thicker and way nicer than other brand swimsuits, and they actually stay on Raya's  butt, whereas other brands  turn into  wedgies pretty quickly haha.  And if  you get them  on sale you can get the gymboree ones for $9-12 !! Target swimsuits are usually $10-12 so really they  are about the same price, but the gymboree ones are definitely nicer quality :-)

She waters the flowers with her squirt gun  haha

Nothing beats sitting on your  deck with a cold drink, admiring your peaceful backyard and watching your girls splashing in the pool on a nice summer day---love it! :-)


  1. I absolutely love the black and white pictures of the girls in the water. So cool!

  2. Finn is adorable and Raya looks like she really likes him. Cute pool pictures! have a good weekend

  3. Hey, that's Brielle's squirt gun! ;)

    I really like Raya's suit, Kmart or not.

    1. Bridgett, in this house everything is Miss Raya's LOL. ;-) I think the little Diva let Brielle look at it once or twice! haha

    2. Oh, and yeah, I thought it was cute too. The fishie one she wore at my moms, and this one were both kmart


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