Thursday, May 3, 2012

Goose Egg

Poor  Brielle....

....her  and  the coffee table had a little run in --- literally.

....although her head and the  table  didn't just meet randomly....they had  assistance from big sister Raya.

In Raya's  defense, it was an accident. They were playing and Raya  was covering  Brielle with a blanket  so  that she was a "ghost". ...which was all  fun and  games until  the  little ghost couldn't see, tripped  on her blanket, and fell  into the  table.

Luckily though Brielle didn't seem too traumatized by the situation.  In fact I  didn't even realize the fall was that big of a deal  until  later  when Lee started squealing (like a little  girl...yes) that Brielle had a giant  bump on her  head

He  proceeded to carry on about her injury, put ice  on it, recount stories from his  childhood when *he* had goose eggs and how  much they hurt, mention possible concussions, etc for a good 30 minutes LOL

Clearly Brielle was just  as traumatized as she emptied my cupboards of every sippy cup she could find!

Lee, I'm going out  on a limb here, but  I'm predicting she'll  live :-)

...and she looks as cute as ever, goose egg and all!


  1. hahaha she will live... oh men :)
    but she seriously does still look oh so cute!

  2. Aww, Brielle, you definitely are still cute as ever! I think I might be a little like Lee when things like this happen and Tyler is probably more like you. He was giving her a ride around the living room on his back one night and she fell off and fell on her head. I freaked out big time! I will learn soon though, first time Mom syndrome :)

  3. she still looks cute as ever with her little goodse egg. Kaylee got a bad goose egg on the egde of our tub when she was younger and Keira got one not to long ago from the hardwood floor.

  4. I can just hear Lee going on and on about that bump!!!! Course that is his pretty little Brielle!
    Grama F

  5. awww poor thing. =( Hope she is feeling better!


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