Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Help me interview Miss Raya!

So now that  Miss  Raya  will be 3 in a few days, I want to start officially  doing birthday interviews. I think it will  be funny to see what  she  comes  up with  for answers haha.

And I  need *your* help! I will obviously  ask her  what  her favorite color and tv show is, etc....but I  want some other questions too! So please comment on this post with some questions that you'd like to ask Miss  Raya, and I  will add them to my  list! Then you can all laugh along with me when I post about her  answers :-)

Just to give you a little glimpse at the funny statements that could be in store, here are just a couple humorous exchanges that  have happened in the last 24 hours.

1) Raya was calling for me after  her nap. I walked  in to get her, freshly showered and changed while she slept, and when she saw me she said "wow! You look so super cute!"   haha

2) Today we were playing outside and Raya heard an owl. Actually, she's been terrified  of (real) owls for a couple weeks now. She hates hearing them outside---go figure! Well today we were playing in the backyard and she starts SCREAMING "Go to sleep owl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then she looked  at me and said "now *you* tell him---say go to sleep" ....so I (in my n ormal voice) said "go to sleep owl" and she gave  me a dirty glance and said "NO! You need to scream it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaally loud!!!!"  ....sorry to my neighbors ;-)

3) We were playing in the sandbox with  her Little People figures. She held up a little boy  and  said  "where  is his mommy?" so I  provided the first logical  thing that came to mind and said "she's at work"....to which Raya responded  "NO! She's DEAD!!!!!!!!!!"  ....and  then she  said "it's  ok! We'll  go to  the mall and get him a new one!"    :-P

This girl is too stinkin' funny.

So if you have questions for Miss  Raya,  please comment!! :-)


  1. Hi Miss Raya!

    What's your favorite thing about your *cute* mommy?

    Who's your best friend?

    Do you like princesses? Who's your favorite princess?

    What's your favorite game to play/thing to do?

    Will you do your interview by video so we can see your cute voice in action?

    1. Good idea to do some on video---my video takes FOREVER to upload for some reason so I'm always really lazy about it. I'll have to try though! :-)

  2. Haha! I couldn't stop laughing reading all those things she said! What a funny girl!

    1. What's your favorite book?
    2. What's your favorite thing about your daddy & sister? (& you of course, but I am trying to think of diff. ones than what were said above.)
    3. Favorite cartoon/movie?
    4. Favorite food? Worst food?
    5. What do you love about Grandma & Grandpa's?
    6. If you could do anything all day, what would it be?

  3. Hi Raya!

    - What do you want to be when you grow up?
    - If you could change your name, what would it be?
    - Would you like to have another baby sister or brother?
    - If you had lots of money, what would you do with it or buy?

    Happy Early Birthday!!! =)

    And by the way, I LOVE your pictures on your header! It's super cute! =)

  4. That Raya is a funny one!!
    How about what do you like best about Sawyer, Harper and Brielle?
    What is your favorite room in your house?
    If you could pick a differnt mommy and daddy who would you pick?

    1. LOL...someone is fishing for her to say she'd pick Grandma as her mommy!! ;-)

    2. Who me!!!!
      Love,Grama F

  5. We always asked Amanda why is the sky blue?

  6. She is such a hoot... I bet your interview will be stellar. I can never get my boys to adequately respond! But if I could, I think I would ask both of them to sing me a song. Or make one up... with the imaginations these kids have, it could be interesting!!


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