Sunday, May 13, 2012

I didn't know...

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There are so many things I  didn't  know about being a mom. There were a million things I  *thought* I knew before having kids. Pictures in my head of what it would be like...but nothing prepared me for the moment I became "mom."

Meeting Miss Raya  for the  first  time

When I thought of  my hypothetical children I thought of cuddling a sleepy baby, dressing him/her up and showing off, imagined that I would love my baby, shook my head and smiled in agreement when people told me my whole life would change....

Meeting Brielle for the first time!  (And my "meeting"  pictures are proof that  epidurals are wonderful lol. I mean, how rough do I look after Raya's labor?! haha...and  then with  Brielle's it's  like " you epidural man" :-)

The reality of being a mom is  so much different than I imagined though. For instance, I didn't  know...

* the feeling I'd have when I saw my baby for the first time. Complete and  utter amazement that I actually grew this little human being inside of me---that she was real!

*that the feeling of amazement would be exactly the same for baby #2. And that  I really  and truly  would love my 2nd child  just as much as my first.

* how intense "mommy goggles" are. I  completely, 100%, absolutely believe my babies are the most beautiful, precious, perfect little babies on the face of the earth.

* that when other parents would say "sleep now while you can" that it wasn't a haha funny was a warning. A serious "you will not get a full night's  sleep for months, even years....and you will probably never sleep in again-- ever" warning.

* I would happily give up my hard earned money to  buy doll clothes and children's  museum memberships and overpriced pacis with stuffed animals attached and little squeezable  tubes  of applesauce---instead of buying things for myself---because I want my girls to have the world.

* that I  would no longer  feel  "sad" when hearing about parents who had lost a child, or who's child was sick, but instead would feel completely devestated when thinking about how horrific it would be to be in their shoes.

* that my kids would honestly become my  best  friends. Doesn't  matter what  age they  are, I  absolutely  love spending time with them. They are my favorite people in the whole world.

* that every preconceived idea I  had  about  parenting (discipline, diet, sleep routines, education, developmental, etc.) would be challenged. ....and that I  would follow through with approx. 1% of my preconceived parenting ideas, because  frankly until you actually are a parent, you just  don't have a clue!

* how physically  painful it would  be to send them  to daycare. Not  "hard", not  "sad", but  excruciating. ....and how it'd be willing to do absolutely anything to spend my days at home with them.

* just how  much "stuff" kids come with. I still laugh when I think back  to my baby shower, and how I carefully chose baby items that "matched" my home decor....and how I  arranged and rearranged and prepared our little nursery.  ......and now when I look around my house and see hundreds of multicolored toys, books, and baby gear I understand that this house belongs  to the kids! ....and  I love it :-)

*the feeling I'd get from my own babies' hugs, kisses, and "I  love you mommy" declarations. It cannot be put into words how that makes a Mama feel!  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY everyone! I'm spending the day with those  two perfect  little  girls who call me mom :-)   And I hope that  when they are older they  will  be able to look back  on my sappy blog posts and see how completely, obsessively in love with them I am. I'm surely the luckiest  mom on the planet today!

Pay no attention to  the  scab under Brielle's eye. Harper simply tried to claw her eyeball out ;-)

....and Daddy is giving me exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day, which is the icing on the cake!He's completing the  lengthy honey-do list  I made him of projects I have been wanting done around  the house, while the girls and I frolick around town having a girl's day. A perfect Mother's day in my book! Hope you are all having an equally  awesome day!

Special  thanks to  Daddy for my Mother's Day photoshoot!


  1. Aww...such a sweet (and true!) post! Enjoy your Mother's Day, Shawna!!

  2. Such a sweet post. That picture of you & the girls together is it!! Hope your havin a great day with your girls

    We had a blast at the train museum, kaylee was in heaven!

  3. I love the pictures! You do have two adorable girls! Hope your honey-do list got done today :) Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Happy Mothers Day!! What a great post full of GREAT picks! thanks for sharing!

  5. Great job with the picks Dad!!!!What a lucky mother you are!!! Great idea for the honey do lists for your gift!!!!!
    Grama F

  6. These photos are great! Glad you had a great Mother's Day... you deserve it!!


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