Monday, May 21, 2012

Playdate at the park!

Miss Raya  just loooooves kids. She's a little slow to warm up, but  once  she gets going she is just a social butterfly. She thinks everyone is her friend and she laughs and giggles at whatever they say and do haha. So I  had wanted to arrange a park  playdate because she's  been begging me lately to play with "all my friends!" (whoever  that  may be :-P)

So today we met Emily's sister  (sawyer  and harper's other  aunt) and another friend of ours at the local park and had a picnic and playdate! The kids had a lot of fun I think--the younger  ones were a little hard to keep an eye  on as they ran off in all different directions, but the older kids ran off and played pretty independently. Raya told me all  about their  adventures on our drive home lol.

So here  are a few pictures---enjoy! (And lucky you, I didn't take very many compared to what I normally do, because  it  was too crazy with all the kids and the sun was really bright too, making it hard to get good pictures.)

He was the  most  photogenic and cooperative for me today haha

How cute are the boy  cousins in their  matching shirts?

Wheeeeee! Fun slide :-)

This  little friend of ours  is *Raya's* age. It  cracks me up to see her and Raya run around  together because Raya is a moose and she is so stinkin' petite! :-)
Did y ou notice how I  had really no good  pictures  of my own kids? It's because they are so on to me and my camera---they run when they see me coming!!!! LOL. Oh well. We had a fun morning and now the girls are taking nice naps! Win win for everyone :-) Happy Monday!


  1. Fun! Looks like everyone had a great time!

    I love taking Kyla to the parks, but lately I haven't been able to, which really stinks! If she would just play, it would be fine! But she's much like Brielle and just runs off and I have to chase her. And I can't be running all over hell right now after her. So she doesn't get her outside play time until Daddy gets home. Poor thing is sheltered all day!

    1. Bummer! Yeah, Brielle runs off, but she actually does run off to play on the equipment. Her problem is she thinks she's a big kid and will try to climb to the top of a super high slide and then I have to worry about her taking a dive off the side or something lol. It's great when they get to Raya's age! I'm looking forward to going to parks when I can sit and read a book and the kids just run off and play haha.

  2. I'm glad you guys had a great day, weather was great as well. I love watching Raya with all her little friends!!!
    Grama F

  3. Cute pics! Gracie is the same way about loving other kids, she is in heaven when there's a bunch of kids running around her!


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