Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preschool Open House

Sorry you guys, these were too good not to share tonight!

I  have struggled  with where on the "monumental" scale a preschool  open house falls. I mean, it's not the first  day of school or anything, but it's the first school anything ever! So it just seemed fitting that I would document the event in photos lol.

So tonight I got Raya dolled up (yet  another outfit from Naartjie :-)  and we took some photos before leaving....confident that she'd be the cutest little  soon-to-be-in-3-year-old preschooler there LOL

Mama's big girl! Love  this kid :-)

A real  beauty

Anyone who knows Raya  will recognize this look LOL
Now Raya was obviously one of the best  dressed kids there haha. Unfortunately I didn't get any  good "modeling" photos of her outfit  though! It's  got the cutest ruffle tank top to the dress under the  jacket. I  was quite disappointed  when the  info from the open house specified that kids  need to wear "play clothes" to preschool because  they  might get stained and ruined during crafts, etc....that will kill me, but I will  try my best! ;-)

That's  the best I have  for full body shots people haha.
And we ended with  a photoshoot  with  Mama! She's such a Mama's girl, and I love  it. She randomly throughout the day tells  me "I love you soooo much"  aww :-)

Poor  girl  hasn't yet learned  the  art  of doing picture hugs without  making your face look big and smooshy LOL

Daddy got in on the photoshoot  too!

Made him take  off  the glasses ;-)

So a very successful open house overall, and she didn't  want to leave!!! She  loved the 4 rooms full  of new toys, and wasn't  scared at all to run off and play. She didn't really talk to other  kids---but none of the kids really talked  to eachother  tonight. I think there was too much to see and do! Her first day of school isn't until like Sept. 4th or something, so hopefully we can keep her enthusiasm going through the summer. She's ready for it to start now! :-)

I'm going to miss her  when she's gone at preschool!

And off  topic, this  is my day to day hairstyle I  decided on haha.  I  still  flat iron the crap outta it for special  occassions,
but day to day I just put a couple bobby pins in it while it's wet, and let it  dry curly! Slightly harder than a ponytail, but still done in about 3 minutes so not too shabby.
Don't miss  my earlier update from today either....about Raya's birthday celebrations!


  1. For some reason, I've decided to become your "most annoying follower" tonight. More questions...

    Raya's hair looks cute! (And easy?) Could you explain sometime? Just pony tails gathered "french braid" style to the side?

    1. Thanks! I just made it up as I went today haha. But yes, I just started with a tiny pony tail up top, and then just added another section of hair to that ponytail (similiar to a french braid) and secured it with another rubberband, etc... I'd also be cute to do two of them pigtail style I think, but I'm not sure she'd sit still that long :-P

  2. It's sooo hard to send them off on their first day of Pre School. I remember Emma's first day, I cried like a baby! haha Will Raya be going everyday? Emma's pre school program was Monday thru Friday from 11:00 to 2:00. I had such a hard time with it because they didn't serve them lunch, so for a year straight poor Emma was eating lunch at 10:00 am so she could have lunch and be to school on time.

    1. Actually it's just a Tuesday/Thursday program from 8:30-11am 5 hours total the whole week! ;-) Then for 4 year old preschool it's 3 mornings a week (so 7.5 hours total). In my corner of the world preschool is pretty laidback. Many parents skip it altogether. I just signed Raya up for some interactions with kids her age. It's actually the preschool *I* went to way back in the day :-P

    2. That's very cool! It will give her some interaction with other kids that she isn't used to. That was really important for Emma and I was worried about it, but she did just fine! By the way her outfit was adorable! And it's hard to send kids to school in play clothes and not cute clothes all the time! haha

  3. Raya looked sooooo cute in her outfit tonight!!!!! she sounded soooo excited when she got home. I just loved how she went up to Brielle when she got home and said hi Brielle in such a sweet voice, like it had been days since she had seen her!!! Oh boy look out, now we're going to have to start shopping for "play" clothes!!!!
    Love,Grama F

    1. I know, right?! The child doesn't even own playclothes! :-P

  4. I'm still having a hard time finding a preschool for kaylee. But I'm glad raya liked it. It's sad to think their already going to be starting school even if it's only a few days a week for a couple hours. Her outfit is adorable!!

    1. I know...I think I'd be in tears if it was any more than a couple hours! haha

  5. She looks super cute!! I bet you will miss her next year! She will have a blast though!

    Your hair is so cute! I wish I could just let mine go when it's wet. I have straight hair, but I still straighten it and think it looks weird if I don't.


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