Thursday, May 31, 2012


First  off, thanks for all  the comments  on my previous post! It's fun to hear everyone else's thoughts on the topic of  family size :-)

And  I'm sorry, but  once  again today I'm too lazy to post pictures. The girls were at my mom's for much of today and I was slaving away on my Etsy shop that's my excuse. Also my dishwasher broke just the other  day and that's been pretty depressing---I'm staying busy dragging the girls out to eat for most meals until we get a new one installed LOL.

So  today I thought I would just share some of the "quirky" things  about  Miss Raya --- and  she *is* a quirky little  thing for sure!!! :-P

* Can't sleep with a hair rubberband in her hair. We must redo her  hair after  every nap.
* Hates tags. Most of her  clothes  anymore have the  tags cut out because  they "hurt"
* Gets  lots of "boo boos" ...and then obsesses about how they  will interfere with her daily activities, especially how she cannot take a bath and get her boo boo wet. Most  boo boos  are unseen by  the naked eye, but  she swears they are there.
* She requires that baby bop and one owl lovie  lay on her left side in bed, barney and the other owl lovie lay on her right.  She cannot have the sheet touch her body in any way---she's terrified  of it. Only the quilt and her owl blankey can cover her (and her entire body and face must be  covered because of "monsters")
* Nothing in her room can be changed or she won't sleep. If you try to set a new toy on her shelf or floor that isn't normally in her  room, she was insist it be removed from the room.
* She  hates Lee or I laying in her bed. This is a big no no.
* After her bath you must dry her off and then she wraps up in her towl, carries her pjs to the living room, announces her arrival, and then I must  dress her. If Lee tries to dress her or if I  try to dress her in any area other than the living room she screams bloody murder.
* She doesn't like wind blowing her hair. She wears a hat to "protect" her
* She  will not get out of her bed until someone comes to tell her it's ok.
* She is terrified of bugs, including flies. Many dinners have been ruined due to a fly within her  range  of sight.

....there are about 1000 other  quirky things she does, but  that's what  I thought of off the top of my head! LOL

Ya just  gotta love her :-P

So what  quirky things  do *your* kid(s) do? Mine isn't the  only  one with issues hopefully!!! ;-)


  1. Hehe this is A cute post.
    Kaylee doesn't get out of bed until you say ok too. We redo her hair after nap time too. Keira has to be lotioned in her room after a bath only by mommy.

  2. Love this post and hearing about all her quirks!

    I know my girls have many too, but my mind has totally gone blank right now! :)

  3. Well I have to say you had a few quirks but not near this many!!!
    You would call us to get you a drink of water when the glass was right by your bed, you also would not get out until we came and got you. You had to sleep with the windows all closed up even in 90 degree weather because you could hear crickets, birds, woodpeckers etc!!! You would throw a major temper tantrum if the rest of us tried to get seconds on mashed potatoes because you were afraid you wouldn't get any more!!! There are more if I thought about it longer!!!
    Grama F

    1. haha...Raya won't sleep with the windows open either--she can hear owls she says :-P

  4. This is so cute! This is the reason I blog, to remember these little things. She will love reading this!

    Savanna has tons of quirks, especially for her age. Her Mama is kinda OCD though, so it makes sense!

  5. OMG, I love this. All of these made me laugh. Such a funny little girl she is. I think my favorite is that she wears a hat to "protect" that beautiful hair. Kids are hilarious.


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