Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Splash Pad 2012

One  of the things  we had looked  forward to after moving back  home was that the  town near us has tons of splash pads (free)...our old house had nothing nearby like this, and it's  so nice to have something f ree when your kids are this age because they don't last  an entire afternoon. Plus,  I don't have  to watch them as closely at a splash pad, compared to a regular pool---win win!

So  today we took  our first trip of the year  to the splash pad. This one is our current favorite because there  is also a nice  park and geese/ducks to  feed :-) It was a little windy today so the water felt cold, but the girls  didn't  seem to mind too much! We had a wonderful day eating out lunch, playing at the park, splashing to our hearts content, and topping it all off with a trip to Cold Stone for icecream  (did you know Tuesdays are buy one get one free for kids icecream?! Both girls got their  own bowl with one topping for $2 total---score. I  think Tuesday  we will  be going to Cold Stone more often!)

Enjoy our  pictures! (I still  haven't  figured out how to take pictures  in the super bright sun--ugh--bare with me :-P)

Both were unsure at first

Then Raya became quite concerned...bless  her heart she tried to "save sissy" hehe

Run sissy!

She is the sweetest big  sister, always holding Brielle's  hand

My new favorite thing are the pictures where the  girls' personalities show so very clearly.  Here for instance, when Raya is practically shaking with fear, while  Brielle is walking towards the  geese ready to give them hugs! :-)

On to the park!

Helping sissy up the hill !

They loved the  tire swing

Her "uh oh" face lol

Very sunny!

Now on to the splash pad! When Raya saw the  splash pad she let out  a squeal of delight like nothing I've ever heard before LOL...she was so excited!

LOVE this one :-)

Heading to the car to dry off!

"I had  fun today Mama!"  (She has been saying that  a lot lately haha. At least she's appreciative :-)

Hope you all had  a wonderful Tuesday as well! :-)


  1. What a fun afternoon! And, thanks for the tip on Cold Stone! I love that place, and I know they have them out here! :) Looks like we will be making some stops on Tuesdays now - haha! :)

    I can't get over how cute their swimming suits are, and Brielle's hat matches!!!!! Love it!!

    1. Yes, I know--I was very happy to learn that about Cold stone! haha. Although I made the mistake of telling them to put her m&m mix in on the side, because sometimes she doesn't like chunks in her icecream---and then Raya decided she *only* wanted to eat the m&ms and nothing else! So in retropect I could have spent 50 cents at the gas station and made her just as happy lol. I ate the icecream on her behalf though ;-)

  2. I must say, "Ditto" on that picture of Raya. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. What an AWESOME splash pad you guys have! We have 2 of them here in our town, but no where near as cool as those! =) Awesome tip about Coldstone, although i'll have to find another kid to bring with me =) Looks like you guys had a blast!! =)

    1. I"m pretty sure you can get a kid sized one too :-) They are actually about the same size as the "like it" size I normally get! Only one topping though which is a bummer haha.

  4. How fun...cute pictures. Thanks for the heads up about cold stone, I'll have to take the girls

  5. I love how Raya takes care of Brielle!!!! So funny in the pic where Raya looks scared to death and Brielle is laughing!!!!!! Their suits are sooo cute!!!
    Grama F

  6. I'm pretty sure I know exactly where you guys are! :) I recognize that froggie as I have run many kids under it ;) Looks like a ton of fun! We took our daughter yesterday but she's too little and doesn't like being sprayed by the freezing cold water haha!

    1. haha...too funny!! Yes, Brielle didn't quite understand why the water was cold and spraying her...but Raya was more than happy to pull her in! It'll be nice once it gets hotter :-)

  7. What a cute area! I love splash pads and wish there was one closer to us because I know Gracie would love it. The girls are looking too cute for words. I love their bathing suits, and that picture of them holding hands is priceless!


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