Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Vacation!

Yeah yeah, I'm a stay at home mom and my kids aren't  in school  yet, so I don't actually get a summer vacation---but I still  *feel*  like I  do and it's started this week!! Most of the schools around  me finished up classes this week, the local  pools are getting ready to open (Raya is taking swimming lessons for a week at the end of July--Lee signed her  up this weekend), the weather is hot (like 80s+), we've got summer trips planned (Lee takes a big week  long  fishing trip each  summer, we're going with friends  to  St. Louis for a Cardinals game and the zoo, we've got an anniversary trip for  a week  planned later in the summer, Omaha zoo  at the end of summer (we pushed  that  back when we schedule the St.  Louis zoo---didn't want to do  two zoo in the same month ;-) ...and lots of boating I'm sure!)

And to help tide us over until the local  pools open, we have our little oasis on the back deck!

Pretty girls playing poolside :-)
On Tuesday night Lee picked us up a new  baby pool. My parents  have  their  pool on their deck  and I  like it because you don't  have grass getting in it, and fewer bugs and stuff. Plus the deck  is right  off our kitchen, so yesterday I was able to clean up the kitchen while  the girls played--and still  hear and see them through the screen door. Sweet deal!

This  was the girls Tuesday  night, checking out the  (cold) water! Brielle dove right  in though and played for about 20 minutes in the ice cold water lol. Whatever kid!
But  yesterday afternoon? The water was nice and warm and the sun was shining!

Gotta love gymboree  ruffled  swimsuits. I  swear  I have  bought one each  year since  Raya was born lol

Sunglasses were the treat in a kid's meal at the mall LOL

Raya, being a mother  hen and  telling Brielle  not to eat the washcloth!



Bright sun!

Goldfish cracker  picnic :-)

Brielle's  got a mouthfull!
So what summer  activities are YOU looking forward to??? :-)


  1. Those are the cutest swim suits ever!!!!

    And, how nice that the pool is right there by the kitchen so you can work and still see them! :)

  2. LOVE their swimsuits! Since we don't have a pool anymore we need to get a little pool like that for the girls to play in. We have a week long trip planned to go to the beach with Jason's parents & we'll be taking the girls to the aquarium for the 1st time. I can't wait, we're going in June

  3. Love those swim swims, as my girls call them :) So cute!
    We have a water table in our backyard bu twe have to get a pool too. Seems like every year we buy a pool and it gets ruined somehow! This year I'm buying one like you have... with a slide hopefully :)

    1. We buy new every year too---just so we don't have to store it! Lee told me he saw one with a slide and he didn't buy it! I couldn't believe it haha. He said it was like $30 and he's not buying a $30 pool yearly---he's no fun ;-P

  4. Their swimsuits are SO cute!!!
    We are looking forward to our annual trip to Adventureland!

    1. My mom bought discounted tickets through her work so she's taking me, emily, and the grandkids there some time this summer too!!! Raya's never been so hopefully she's not too chicken of everything haha.

  5. These photos are adorable! I'm jealous of your weather. It's not swimming weather here yet. Though it has been getting warmer and warmer! I love summertime! =)

  6. Love the suits and the shades! I'm jealous of your deck. We just have a little patio. And I'm really jealous that Brielle sits in the pool and plays. Kyla stands in there, but not for very long. It would be really nice if I could take her out there and just sit there and watch her and catch some rays myself. Next time we get the pool out I'm going to get some washcloths. I didn't even think of that, but that's like the only thing she cares to play with in the bath. Maybe that will be my magic trick for getting her to sit and play!

  7. How cute are those sun bathing babies!!!!!


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