Monday, May 14, 2012

The suspense builds....

Well, it's going to be a long  week for Miss Raya, anxiously waiting to uncover the BIG surprise in our entryway! LOL

Check out the size of that dollhouse! hehe. Miss Raya knows she's  getting a dollhouse for her birthday, but she has no idea what  it  looks  like and can't  even imagine something this  size I don't  think haha. So when she saw this all  covered up and asked  what it was I said "this is a special surprise for your birthday....and you cannot  touch it or you'll be in big trouble!" ....and then she said " it a bike?"  hehe. So yeah, she's totally clueless :-P

Yesterday  as part of his mother's day chores Lee had to put together the dollhouse, and we had decided we wanted it set up so that at her birthday  I could just uncover it and she could start playing immediately, so here it will  sit until Saturday! I  got a little stand for it to sit on, and then it's a 3 story dollhouse she's going to be impressed with it's sheer size! I had so much fun during her nap yesterday setting up the little  rooms too :-P Here is a tiny sneak peek----at Daddy doing the gardening! (The garden sits outside  the house on the white stand I got for it....there  are two shelves below as well to hold additional dollhouse stuff that  doesn't fit in the house)

Daddy has an  awesome shiny belt buckle LOL
In other  news, how cute is  Raya's  dress? It's HOT here and is supposed  to stay warm all week! So we'll be having  fun trying out more summer  clothes hehe. This dress is from Target---the big girls section, size xs (4/5)....she can wear that size in most things now (not  pants), which is fun because the girls section has some adorable stuff  that isn't  in the toddler section!

Crazy girl!

And now let's  hear about Mother's Day. You see, I took  the girls for a girls day in town. Brielle proceeded to poop 1000 times (ok, just 2...but  each time I had to change her in the van as she giggled and squirmed!) and then when we got to McDonalds I was distracted by Raya on the play equipment when Brielle suddenly grabbed  Raya's big thing of milk and poured  it all over herself! Literally drenched, dripping head to toe LOL. And what did Mama have in the diaper bag for extra clothes? One pair of little grey leggings :-P  So Brielle  had to finish playing naked, in only  gray leggings, and then we had to high tail it to Gordmans to track  down a new outfit!!!!

The clothing Gods wanted her to have this adorable dress I  think---everything happens  for a reason ;-)

Showing me her painted tootsies. They were painted  yellow! Fate? yes, I think so ;-)

Just chillin'

Harper, I'm going to declaw you when you come on Wednesday!!!!!! How  can Brielle be a baby  model with scabs under her eyes?  hehe ;-)

Leave me alone Mom, I'm trying to read!

This  part is so funny!

And lastly, check  out  my lastest  design---4th of July  shirts! Like I said  on my Facebook page , I know  it seems  early to be thinking of the 4th of July, but June  is almost  here! And  in order to make sure  you have  the shirt in plenty of time you really need to order in the next few weeks, because my turnaround time is approx.  18 business  days right now and the orders keep pouring in! :-)

I  can do these for  boys or girls...I have unisex tshirts  in red, navy, lt blue, and grey that also  look very cute with this design. Check  out my Etsy listing for this shirt HERE

I  also have  some cute  fabric  to make patriotic tie shirts  for  boys,  so stay tuned!

Miss Raya  was  very upset when her modeling gig was up today...

Happy  Monday  everyone! It's  birthday week---yippee! :-)


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time minus when Brielle spilled milk on her self. I love both of their dresses. I need to go check out target & get some stuff for the girls. I'll wait till after kaylees party to see what clothes she gets.

  2. I love the dress from Target! I'm going to have to check out our Target store here to see if they have this dress! Super cute! =) The dollhouse looks like it's going to be huge!!

  3. Okay, a side note! I loved the dress that Raya is wearing so much that I just went to and ordered 2 of them for Emma!! Each in a different color! ha ha =)

    1. hehe---they *are* so cute! I had a really hard time picking which color scheme I wanted LOL. And comfy too! I bet Emma will love them!

  4. OMG!!!! That doll house looks huge!!! Raya is going to love it!!! I hope she lets me play with it Saturday!!!! Now is Rayas dress considered "play" clothes??? Brielle looks soooo cute reading her book!!!! Love Rayas face where she is sticking out her tongue, wonder where she learned that gooofy face!!!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. aw, love Brielle's dress & Raya's is cute too!


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