Wednesday, May 9, 2012

There are going to be tears....

....when Miss Raya figures out that Sawyer isn't coming over on Wednesdays anymore! You see, Emily is a teacher and she only  has  a couple  weeks of work left. I'm prediciting there will be some major tears when Raya  figures this out---the girl kinda loves her big  cousin! ;-)

And Brielle and Harper have a love/hate relationship...but  I'm sure  Brielle will  miss Harper too. Today  I caught some "love" on camera :-)

We played outside most of the's  so nice  out! It's alternated between sweater/no sweater temps depending on if the sun is out, but other  than that  it's just  gorgeous!

Since the kids  don't really  need me to play  with them outside, when they have each other, I'm glad I am somewhat  obsessed with my camera because it gives me something to do out there! I appreciate all the photo love comments on my previous posts--I think my pictures  are slowly improving too! I  still  shoot  in auto mode and haven't  taken a class, but I'm  starting to get a feel  for lighting and how to position my subjects and stuff.  And  I'm getting better colors and less  blur, so slow but  steady progress! :-) I still struggled today with squinty eyes though because it was so bright outside the kids needed sunglasses hehe. But  here ya go---some of my favorite  pics  of the morning!

Doesn't this expression make you giggle?! :-)

Hair blowin' in the wind

Harper kept crying in the grass and at first  I thought she  just  didn't  want to walk in it.  But then she started saying "poop! poop!" and  I realized  that I had  told  them  all  to "watch out and don't step in poop" (just in case Lee missed  some pooper scooping) and I think Harper ended up being scared that she was going to step in some LOL

I wish she wasn't squinting in this one!

Love  this  one

Love this one too :-)
Sawyer's signature smile :-)

Now this here is SO SWEET. Basically  Harper was throwing a tantrum and so I just walked away from her, thinking she'd follow back  to  the sandbox. Well, she didn't --she just stood halfway across the yard and cried. Suddenly Raya hears the crying and *runs* to Harper saying "I'm coming, it's ok" and then she holds her hand and walks her back to the sandbow and says "get in the sandbox with's  fun!"    ....Seriously, I have such a sweet daughter :-)

Harper is  thinking "yes,  this is what  I wanted! A little  attention during  my tantrum" :-)

They were being sweet together

I told Brielle to give  Harper a kiss---this  is how Brielle "gears up" for  her  kisses LOL


And they  were being so sweet together that I let my guard down and then suddenly Harper went to hug Brielle  and they both fell! This picture is blurry because  right as it happened I obviously went to grab them, but missed...and poor Brielle  ended up with yet  another bump and bruise! Right under her  left eye :-(

Poor thing

One  single  tear

Just  a couple last ones  of Raya and Sawyer from earlier  today

Hope you enjoyed these! Sorry I'm slacking  on the actually  blogging  lately---but now that  the  kids are napping I need to eat lunch and clean up the kitchen quick before we head back  outside!!!

What's your favorite picture from today? :-)


  1. Hey there, I saw your comment on Joeylee's blog about the trains in Iowa! There is some kind of a train in Boone..not sure if you are anywhere near that but my neighbors took their kids there and they said it was awesome!

    1. That sounds right---I knew there was something!!!! Thanks :-)

  2. I'm going to give you the best two pieces of advice I ever got about taking pictures. (You likely already know these, but just in case you don't....)

    1. Bend down so you are at the kids level, shooting them from straight on.

    2. Be farther away from them so you have to zoom your camera in as far as it can.

    Obviously, I'm no professional photographer. But when I borrow a fancy-schmancy camera and I'm trying for artsy shots, I always do those two things and they work for me!

    Again, feel free to completely disregard these comments, if you want! You may have better tips! (If you do... please share!)

    1. Thanks! Yes, I'm a big fan of the zoom :-)

      ...although I will say, one of my favorite angles is taking pictures of them from up above! haha. Guess maybe I'm the only one who thinks those look cool, but they always end up being some of my favs hehe. I have been doing some more squatting down low though---I'm getting old so I can't always get back up !! ;-)

  3. Cute pictures. We've had really had weather here. Today at 11am it was already 85 so they played with the hose & got all wet before nap time

  4. There is no way to pic a favorite,way tooooo may great pics!!! I love the story of Raya helping Harper to the sand box, and how Harper is looking down at her hand as Raya is leading her, way to sweet! I also love the pics of the babies kissing, and even the pic as they are falling, you can see little Brielles face!!! The way Raya looks at Sawyer is just adorable, we'll still get the kids together this summer, go swimming etc!!! I also love the pic of Harper looking up, greenery all around!!! Talk about 4 photogenic babies!!!
    Grama F

  5. Shawna those are great pictures. I love the one of Harper and Brielle hugging. I looked at some of your old post after you got your camera and I can definitely see improvement. I like the four black and white ones of each kid. Is Harper pinching herself?! All you pics make me want to get a nice camera, when and if I get one you will have to share your tips!

    1. Thanks! I actually have no idea what she was doing there haha....although it would be fitting if she was pinching herself, because she always has those little pinchers ready for the other kids! ;-)

  6. These are all so great! I love the one of Harper crying about the poop-- not because she was sad, but the story is great! I have so many pics of Graham crying and I think they are hilarious-- I don't want to exploit their sadness, but sometimes they are so disproportionately upset!


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