Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tutorial--Organizing your kids' closets

Ok, so yesterday I mentioned  that  I had  completed Raya's closet switchover for the season, and last night I did Brielle's (because our internet was down AGAIN! don't even get me started---it's back for now). I also  said I would be  embarassed  to  show the amount of "stuff" in their closets lol....but  have decided that I don't have  anything else to blog about today and  some of my readers might be  interested in my  tips and tricks for organizing so  I'll  share :-)

Now  that  it's  May, and the weather  forecast is looking warmer and warmer, it's  definitely  time to get those closets all ready for the next  season. When organizing a child's closet there are some unique things to keep in mind, compared to adult closets:

1) First, they are constantly growing, so you will always be dealing with clothes that  fit, clothes that  are too small, and clothes that  are too big.
2) If you have two  like-gendered children then you are also  likely dealing  with storing outgrown clothes  for the next  child, and pulling  out hand-me-downs for the younger child.

I've found that when planning out my closet organization I have to brainstorm all  the "categories" I have for that  child. This  includes things  like tshirts, tank tops, dresses, onesies, leggings, jeans, shorts, warm weather  pjs, cold weather pjs, etc. etc. And then make sure you have a designated area in the closet for each catergory.

Personally I  prefer *not* to use stand alone dressers in my girls' rooms. I  don't  like  taking up play space with a dresser and I  like to have  everything contained in their  closets. Eventually I  plan to get floor to ceiling closet  built ins, but  for now I make used of a  variety of shelves, drawers, etc.

So without further ado, here is Miss  Raya's closet:

Notice that  when hanging things  in her closet  I  make  sure  to group like  things together. That  way if I decide she's wearing a dress that day I know where all  her dresses are hanging. If I want a tank top I look in that section. I've  found this helps prevent a particular item from becoming hidden in a mass of mixed up clothes, only  to uncover it when it's been outgrown. When you're dealing with a lot of clothes you have to have some organization to make s ure  they all  get  worn! :-)

We've got  hair  clippies  all  over--in Brielle's room too. But it's nice  to have  some within easy reach of the  closet when planning outfits.

Also notice  my "too small" pile  up top. As Raya  outgrows things I put them in that pile. When the pile is "full" then I move  it downstairs to a rubbermaid container in our storage room and label it with  the approx.  size. Then when Brielle gets  into that size I can pull it back  out again!

Then notice the "too big" drawer. This  is important  if you, like me, buy ahead for the next  season or two when clothes are on clearance. Then as Raya grows I can go  "shopping" in my too big drawer. (I also have some too big  stuff  hanging up too--shown in the next picture)

So  the "too big"  dresses and  other hanging stuff are shoved  to the far corner, out of my  way. This  is  also where I put items from this past winter, if I think they may still fit her in the  fall. Items from this past winter that I'm pretty certain will be too small come next year  are packed away in storage.

Then shoved in the opposite  far  corner is some "current cold weather" clothing....which I keep  out for  days when the weather is particularly cold. This is important if you live  somewhere  like  Iowa, when May and even  June, etc.  can be a little  indecisive and we go back and forth between tank top days and sweatshirt days :-)

The tall clear plastic drawers at the bottom are what I use instead of a dresser...for sock  and undies and misc. legwarmers etc. Up top I  store shoes, which I suggest keeping the boxes for. They stack easily that  way and then when they are outgrown I can put them in storage and easily pull them out when Brielle needs that size.

And now onto Brielle's  closet:

Her's is  very  similiar...a "too small" container  is hidden  in the far left corner, and when it's  full it moves downstairs for possible  baby #3. She doesn't have quite  as many "too big" things in her closet, because the hand-me-downs from Raya that  are too big just stay in storage until I need them. But sometimes if Raya outgrows something that  I think Brielle  might be able  to wear in the  next 3 months or so I just move  it directly into Brielle's  closet. Things like a dress that maybe  Raya wore as a top when it  was too small, and now Brielle might be able to wear as a dress again in the near future. Then I don't risk  it being  forgotten in storage if  Brielle might grow into  it soon.

So  I hope that maybe  you found that helpful!

...and  perhaps the most important  piece of closet organization is making sure your children know that only  mommy picks out the  clothes until you are 18 years old....because  otherwise what's the fun in having a closet full  of clothes  if you don't get to be the stylist to your fashionista?!   ;-)


  1. Kyla's closet looks pretty similar. I too keep a stack of "too small" and when the stack gets too large, I take them down to the storage containers downstairs. I like the idea of keeping the shoe boxes. I don't do that yet, but I'm going to start, even if it's just for easier storage when they're too small. I have one of those shoe rack things that hang from the closet rod to keep them organized. I have a dresser in her closet right now (just a 3 drawer small one). Tyler and I were going to buy another one for the baby, but I think I'm going to move Kyla's into his closet and do like you do with plastic bins for Kyla. I like that much better! Thanks for sharing your tips :)

    1. No problem!

      I do like the plastic bins...they are easier to arrange inside a closet because you can configure each drawer set you buy, rather than trying to move around a big dresser :-)

  2. Awesome tips! I do dressers for both of my girls, but you are right, it takes up room. With the new baby, we have decided not to do a dresser, mainly because of space until our house sells and we buy our new one. I decided we would just buy a closet organizer instead. I think that will work great.

    I also have never thought to keep the shoe boxes. You should see the tote I have full of shoes where you have to find the other pair!

  3. Glad you're back! And I love that you labeled the "random crap" in the closets! :)

  4. What can I say except OMG look at all that clothes!!!!!!
    Grama F


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