Thursday, May 17, 2012

World's best pre-birthday celebration

In the interest of time (me having many Etsy orders to complete and Grey's Anatomy to watch!) I'm going to keep my blabbing to a minimum tonight. But Raya had an AWESOME pre-birthday extravaganza today and I  have  lots of pictures to share!

A quick rundown of the day's activities:
1) Story hour
2) lunch at mall
3) Playstation!
4) swimming at Grandma's

Could an almost-3-year-old's day  get any better than that? I think not!

It was everyone's first trip to the Playstation and I think we'll d efinitely be going back---lots  of fun! Sawyer did great, Brielle was her normal  daredevil self and also  did great! Harper was pretty typical for her age--a little scared but overall pretty willing to try things with help. ...and  Miss  Raya, well  she was her timid, cautious, scaredy cat self! LOL. It's good for her to do  this stuff though I think, even if  she often started screaming in a tunnel or  slide  like she was being murdered haha. Good thing Grandma was willing to crawl through everything with them!!!!!

And  now in no particular  order,  our fun pictures!! (Please  excuse the poor quality...this place had horrible lighting for  pictures, and I had limited  time tonight to do editing, so those things together meant  lots  of fuzzy, weird lighting/color photos haha)

This picture makes me laugh--Grandma was scolding  Harper, Harper was giving a "look" to Brielle, and Brielle doing the sad puppy dog  face lol

Way  more daring than any of them!

Ball  pit!

Um,'re  about to lose  one!

Watch out  Brielle---Harper's coming for you! :-)

Too fast for  Grandma

Harper is  plotting  again haha

I don't  want to be associated with any of them.

Brielle went down by herself---it  was fast  and she loved it!

Raya was terrified and went down with Grandma and  Harper

We started laughing about how Brielle looked  coming out of the slide, and then she started to recreate it like she knew what  we were talking about!!! LOL

She's going to be *this* many---so she says haha

Fun hair for a fun girl!

Telling me about how scary the slide was

Telling me she closed her  eyes

Silly girl

This looks like a mirror, but it's actually  Harper looking at Brielle who's in the tunnel!

Harper giving kisses  in the tunnel

She suddenly started "eating"  the mat haha...goofball

And now, swimming at Grandmas! Raya's cute fishie swimsuit

Grandma missed some sunscreen lol


Tired baby

Popcorn party on the deck!

Raya and Sawyer were trying on Grandma's  hats hehe

Hope you had a wonderful pre-birthday  day baby girl! I can't wait to celebrate your real  birthday with you tomorrow!!!!!
(And  don't  miss Raya's birthday  interview, which I posted this morning!!!)


  1. Looks like you all had a awesome time!! I like Brielle's bathing suit. Hope raya's birthday extravaganza is a blast.

  2. Looks like they had fun. S and H were both so tired tonight!

  3. What fantastic pics!!!! We all had such a fun day, I'm glad we ended up taking the babies , they did great!!!
    P.S. I took all the pool toys and soaked them in lysol !!!!
    Grama F

  4. This looks like you had an awesome time! The playstation place looks amazing!!!! =)

  5. What an awesome day! The playstation looks awesome! I need to find something around here to take the girls to. I think my favorite pictures are your mom in the ball pit with the kids. And the one with Brielle in her swimsuit and one finger on her chin like she's thinking. Of course they're all great. Such cute kids!

  6. Looks like a great day! It's so nice that the kids have such a great Grandma that will crawl around and play with them.

    And how are you able to post so many pictures? Mine take years to load! I'd be waiting all day! I'm jealous!

  7. Looks like a fun time, I'm tired just reading your post. ;) love Raya's's fishy suit.


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