Sunday, May 20, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

So yesterday's party was a big  success! Sawyer came, so Raya was happy with the turnout haha...we had yummy food (grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs)...Raya had  her beloved cupcakes and  icecream....and she loved all her  presents! Thanks for everyone who helped us celebrate.

Party guests included....

Grandma Ruth Ann--Lee's mom (Grandpa Larry couldn't come because he was farming)

Grandma Donna and Papa Dennis (my parents)

Uncle John, Aunt Emily, Sawyer, and Harper

Hugs for cousin Harper

and my roommate from college, Bridgett, and her husband Chris

Bridgett, your eyes were closed  so I cropped you out haha...Raya  was looking  though!

Of course we had to try and get some family  pictures...

As I said in my sneak peek  last night, I love the way  Raya's  outfit turned out! I ended up deciding to list the shirt in my Etsy shop, No Paparazzi Please and sold one just hours after posting the picture  of Raya  modeling hehe. They are a time intensive design, but  I decided some people might like it enough to pay the higher price. I also bought some more of the  yellow chevron fabric  so that I can offer the  matching skirt as well :-)

We had a little "disaster" with the decorations though. I always buy a special "themed" balloon for their birthday and I had picked  out this sunshine balloon for Raya. Well turns out the place we always go to get them filled suddenly didn't fill that kind anymore--and it was the day of the party so we were kinda screwed. Lee just  put regular  air  in it so we got a picture--but  still a bummer  it didn't  float!

And now would be a good time to point out that  many of my party pictures  aren't great---I  realize this haha. I was too busy the day of the party and didn't really take time to find good light or pick the right settings on my camera. So these will  have to do! ;-)
Brielle also  had  a great time at the party...she was sporting an adorable dress that Raya wore in her one year professional  pictures.  I always loved this dress!

Here are the  cupcakes  I made for the party

They turned out pretty well,  considering  how easy they were to make! However  some of the faces got a little  creepy looking because  the  black  decorating icing I bought required a special  decorating tip and I didn't realize that haha.  So I  had to make do with the hole Lee cut in the tube! :-P
Raya  got  lots  of wonderful  presents at her party of course.

My brother John manages a West Music store, so he always gets Raya plenty  of *loud* musical toys this weiner dog whistle which was pretty cute!

He also got  her this storm in a tube thingy...can't remember  the official  name he called  it...but  basically you shake it  around and it  sounds  like a thunderstorm---very neat!

I  didn't take  pictures of all her  presents, but  she got a variety of fun Barbies! This is one that Sawyer  got her...a biking barbie who really  rides her bike and the  legs pedal  and stuff! Kinda creepy yet cool at the same time  LOL

She also got  a birthday barbie set, complete with balloons and  cake and whoever  the  little  sister is...stacie maybe? haha. She got  a fishing barbie  too complete with fishing pole and another  little Barbie  sibling.  My friend Bridgett got her  a couple of those Lalaloopsy sets as well, which Raya thinks are pretty cool. So  needless to say we've officially  entered into  the  whole "toy has  small  parts; not recommended for under age 3" toy scene!!!  Now my 3 year old  has a whole  bunch of new toys with about 1 million tiny pieces :-P Already Lee has stepped on a Barbie chair and hurt his foot, and I spent 10 minutes crawling around looking in the carpet for a lalaloopsy spoon haha. I can't  wait until Brielle is a little  older and I don't have  to worry so much about choking hazzards!!!!!

Bridgett got  Brielle a little something too---icecream sidewalk chalk! Brielle tried to lick it  hehe

My mom and dad went in on Raya's dollhouse present, but they also  got her  a bunch of new sand  and water toys--Raya already spent a good  amount of time today in the sandbox trying them out!

And of course the grand finale of presents, the long awaited dollhouse!

Here are Raya and Sawyer waiting for the big  reveal...

Her  face as she went over to the revealed dollhouse :-)

As I had mentioned previously, we went  with a Plan Toys dollhouse. I love the natural wood--sorta has a montessori feel to it and Raya has already done lots of fun imaginary play! I love listening to what she comes up with for "conversations" haha. This set will definitely be held onto for future grandchildren! Even Sawyer  loved  it :-)

He wanted a chair --have to be comfy while playing!
Brielle LOVES this dollhouse  too. She really has done pretty well  with it so far. Caught her eating a dollhouse coffee mug once, but  other than that I don't think she's really tried to eat too much of it hehe

Of  course  after presents there was cupcakes and icecream!

Brielle made  quite a mess! lol

And after cake and icecream it was time for some family jumping on the trampoline! John and Lee competed in doing "flips" haha...and both grandma's did some jumping too!
And  then last night after the guests left, Grandma Ruth Ann stayed overnight and so the girls did some more playing with the new toys!

Lots of Barbies...

And new  pizza playdough toy!
And lastly, it's  no secret that Raya looks  like  Lee's family. She looks  like Lee and Lee looks  like his mom. Even comparing Raya to Grandma Ruth Ann today you can easily see the resemblance, but Lee's  mom brought pictures of herself on *her* 3rd birthday and OH. MY. can really  see how much Raya looks like her!

Everyone who saw this picture of Lee's mom yesterday couldn't believe how much it looked  like Raya. Even my brother, who usually doesn't  "see" stuff like that.

They curled  her hair back  then.  It's naturally straight like Raya's
I couldn't find a picture where Raya  was duplicating that exact expression, but I have  this:

Here are 2 more  pictures  of Grandma  Ruth Ann at age 3

Crazy resemblance, huh?! :-)

So  now we  embark on a week  of sugar detox ...but  it has been a fun birthday week/weekend!!!


  1. I love the pictures of Ruth Ann when she was 3! Shawn saw this blog and said he's always seen the resemblance of those two! He also recognized Lee's smile that Raya had with Sawyer and Emily. Get ready for Raya Birthday Part 3 on Saturday! No cupcakes needed. Ryan will provide all the necessary sweetness.

    1. Yes, we've always seen the resemblance, but until we saw these particular pictures I guess we didn't realize just how identical they really looked! Too funny!

      And yes, we are looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday!!! Although sorry Ryan, but I'm pretty sure Raya would trade you in for a cupcake :-P

  2. You are so creative! What a fun party!!

    My dad's name is Dennis too. :)

    Oh my word, Raya looks identical to what Lee's mom looked like when she was 3!!!! That is just CRAZY!!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking this is the last year I'll get away with picking her birthday theme, so I figured I better enjoy it one last time!

  3. What a fun day!! And wow... love the pics of Raya and her grandma! Crazy resemblence! Happy belated birthday to Raya! I am SO making my husband make my girls a doll house for Christmas this year!

    1. You should! Your girls would love it I bet, and I remember your husband did a great job making gifts last Christmas!!! :-)

  4. What a great day!!!!!! I just can't believe how much Raya looks like Ruth Ann!!!! They all loved the doll house an barbies!!! It was sooo cute when we were leaving, Sawyer was begging Emily to let him stay for a sleep over!!!
    Love,Grama F

  5. The pictures are great, love the cupcakes too cute. I looked at that same dollhouse for kaylee. Kaylee got lots of $ for her birthday so were gonna get her some people for her house. I love raya's outfit

  6. Happy Birthday to Raya! Looks like a perfect party.

  7. Aww, what great pictures! I absolutely love her sunshine outfit. The whole theme was just adorable! What a lucky little girl! Hope today's detox is going ok and your play date at the park is a success :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Raya! It looks like she had a fabulous party! And I ADORE her outfit! So cute! I cannot believe how much she looks like Lee's mom when she was little. Crazy! But oh so adorable!!!


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