Thursday, June 28, 2012

The "big" pool

So how  many of you have  been  going  through "sweet smile" withdrawal this summer since  I'm not watching Sawyer? Yeah, I figured you were. So do not fear, today I got a double sweet smile photo just for you all! :-)

So today with the heat index the temps are in the triple after  story hour Grandma got  Sawyer and met me and the girls at DQ for some lunch (and icecream!) and then we went to the "big" pool! The local town pool is about 5 minutes's the same one I went to growing up actually, but it's been completely redone since then. It's really nice with the 0depth entry and little  slide for the babies and fountains, etc...and slides for the big kids. Anyways, I hadn't taken the girls yet just because it's easier to do the free wading pool I thought...but found out that Raya and Brielle are both young enough to be free so we may be going more often now!

You all remember how Raya did in the hotel pool though (screaming and crying) so I was worried...but she did awesome today! As long as she could touch she was she was walking and "swimming" all over  the  entire pool with water up to her neck....and she even jumped off the side so that Grandma and I could catch her. She still doesn't like  us to hold her in the really deep part, but I'm hoping she'll do ok for swimming lessons.

I didn't  take pics in the pool today because I spent most the time making sure my crazy daredevil (Brielle) wasn't  sprinting to the diving board lol....but I got some cute pics while we had our sucker snack at the pool. So enjoy!  (I just took  these with my mom's little camera  that fit in my purse)

Raya at Grandmas, excited to head to the pool!

Brielle was excited  too!! (She LOVES the water...she went  down the slide numerous times and fell completely  under  the water gagging etc each time...and then woudl giggle and go again! I'm  definitely going to need  to get her earplugs!)
Sorry Raya--I know  girls don't  like pictures in their swimsuits! ;-)


My sweet girl


This was her  swimsuit and hat from last  summer...still  fits my peanut!

His goofiness reminds me of my brother for sure!

Checking to see  if Brielle's  tongue is red

Raya's is blue!

He's getting freckles!

Raya was so THRILLED to get some cousin Sawyer time today :-)
And  lastly, be sure to think of my sweet girl tomorrow morning---she gets her ear tubes put in! We have to be at the hospital at 7am---her surgery is at 8am. Lee is staying home with Raya so that I can focus on Brielle. I'm sure she'll  do fine, but she's such a little peanut I still  worry!

We'll  have  to stay in recovery until is is  fully  awake and able to drink and such...they said usually within a hour we can leave. I'll be giving that cute face lots of kisses while we wait! :-)
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. How fun. Cute pictures. I'll be thinking of Brielle tomorrow

  2. Oh man, those kids are so stinking cute! Good luck tomorrow, hope everything goes well!

  3. Will be thinking about you tomorrow! Just remember that things will be so much better after the tubes! Makes tomorrow morning go much easier, at least it did for me. She's a toughy so she will do great.

  4. I was soooo proud of Raya today!!!! She tries soooo hard to be brave!!!! I'll be thinking of Brielle all night and in the am, call me when it is done!!!
    Grama F

  5. Thinking of Brielle tomorrow...and her mommy!

  6. We'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow!!! Good luck to Brielle!!

    Your photos are awesome!! =)

  7. Seriously, your girls have the most adorable swimsuits I have ever seen! :)

    Thinking of you guys today! Hoping everything goes okay for Brielle!

  8. I hope Brielle's surgery goes well today-- we'll be thinking of you!

    And holy cow, does that girl ever have LONG lashes!!


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