Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bullet points

* No pictures today...Brielle is still  sick :-( She seemed  to have a fever last  night and  this morning, but I  think  is finally s tarting to feel  a little better now with a couple doses of the medicine in her. Hopefully we are getting all of this sickness out of our system now so that when we go to St. Louis coming up here we  can have fun and all be healthy!

* We are going to St. Louis in a couple weeks and we're doing a baseball game, zoo, hotel pool, etc. Looking forward to the girls having fun and  Raya  getting to play with her  friend Bryn!

* I'm going to be watching baby Finn now on Tuesdays *and* Fridays this  summer. Not  watching him today though since Brielle is sick.

* Baby Finn may be disappointed to learn that I'm selling off a lot of his baby gear LOL. Last night I posted my first batch of baby stuff  on Craigslist...sold the bumbo seat within 5 min.  for  full asking price, and a war errupted between two buyers desperate for my diaper champ lol. Since then I've sold a ton of stuff already!! Huge lot of baby toys sold....a girl I went to school with is  buying my bouncy and angelcare monitor and playmat, etc. Just  starting to start going through the  clothes....Looking forward to lots of cash to take with on vacation!! hehe.

* My sentimental self cannot sell off everything though haha. I'm making one rubbermaid container for baby stuff to save the best toys, etc....that way we have them for vistors, grandkids, etc....and if I ever change my mind and decide to go for baby #3 then he/she will  still have waaaaay more toys than needed. I discovered that  I had like 4 boxes of infant toys. Yeah, needless to say my kids are just as happy playing with a plastic cup, so I don't really  know how or why I accumulated all that :-P And we're saving the crib and pack  and play as necessities  too since those  would be expensive to re-buy down the road if I change my mind. I'm  thinking about making  each girl a memory quilt out of some of their  baby clothes  too! I've seen adorable ones before and I  know I  definitely have some special outfits  for each that would be great for a quilt. We'll  see if I ever get around to that though lol

* Honest to  god, in the last week  I  think I've discovered that  80% of the people  I know are pregnant! haha. Still  feeling completely  glad  it's  not me, but I must say that if my fb page starts filling up with all these people talking about how baby slept through the night at 1 week  old and never cries or poops then I  may have  to reconsider  and buy all my stuff back :-P

* I ran into the  guy we bought our house  from today and  he stopped me to say he had been in our neighborhood the  other  day and wanted me to tell Lee that the yard looks the best it ever has---and that he was very impressed haha. I told him that  Lee is happy to keep our yard immaculate because it gets him out of the house and away from crying kids :-P At which point the guy told me that  they had a wagon on the back of their  lawnmower that the kids rode in haha. Probably  completely unsafe, but I must say that the idea of strapping them  into the wagon for the afternoon mowing with daddy *does* sound pretty tempting!

* My  dishwasher  is still  out of commission.  Lee said he's making  a decision about it tonight as to whether  it needs replaced or just  fixed.  I cannot  wait  to have it  back!!!!

* Went to  DQ today and was excited  to see they still had  the sign for my beloved confetti cake blizzard up....so  I  ordered one! ...only to be told they hadn't taken the sign down yet, but they no longer carried it since  it was just for the month of May.  Tear.

*How much would it cost to have a live-in laundry person? Just  curious....

* My naptime  guilty pleasure? People's Court :-P

Happy Tuesday  everyone!!!!

*I am closing my Etsy shop next week....I'll be on vacation for about one month. It'll  take me at least 3 weeks  to catch up on orders already placed, and then I want at least one week off  with no sewing to do :-) So, if you are wanting to order something from me please get your orders in THIS WEEK!


  1. if you find out how much a live in laundry person costs let me know...I need one too and maybe someone to keep up on my dishes! haha. our dishwasher in our new rental is going out too. YUCK! Hope Brielle feels better soon!

  2. I have thought about taking the girls' clothes (my favorite pieces anyway) and making a quilt out of them. Such a fun idea. However, I am not crafty in that way, so who knows how that would turn out!

    That was nice of the man to comment on your yard!!

    Hope Brielle is better soon, especially before your vaca.!

  3. I'd be going nuts without a dishwasher too! That's great that you're having such good luck selling your baby stuff. I already have so many bins of girl stuff and now I'm going to have just as much with boy stuff. I need a bigger house just for all this baby stuff!

    1. Seriously, these clothes bins are taking over my house! And the sad thing? When I was down looking through them tonight I discovered another bin of clothes in Brielle's current size. Her closet is already stuffed full! I could outfit a whole town of children in size 12-18 months I think ;-)

    2. People's Court!? And I thought my watching Let's Make a Deal was bad...


    3. People's Court, Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, etc....I've got a weird thing for court tv haha :-P


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