Monday, June 25, 2012

Deja Vu

Today Brielle had her pre-op appt. for her schedule ear tube surgery on Friday. Well yesterday Brielle started coming down with a cold and pulling at her ears. Sure  enough, today we found out she has *another* double ear infection! Seriously, we can't catch a break! So she's on meds again and they told me that  as long as she doesn't  get a fever or have  respiratory problems from the cold then surgery can still happen on I guess we're playing it by ear. Fingers crossed this all clears up quickly!

Luckily so far Brielle isn't really are some random pics I took  during lunch today so that I had something to share for today :-P

Drinking  lots  of fluids to help the  cold go away faster!

Poor  girl earned a pudding cup to cheer her up :-)

Raya sucked  down her pudding too---and proceeded to  run around with her pudding face trying to make  me catch her  to wipe her up

I love it when  I discover an "outfit" in the girls' closet. Today I realized this tank top perfectly matched a pair a jeggings we had that are an odd color--suddenly an adorable outfit that was meant to be! :-)

Saturday night Lee had a sudden urge  to cook lol. So he left for the grocery store at like 11 oclock at night or somethign crazy haha. I was in bed  when he came home, but he told me he was up until about 3am putting things away and "prepping". The plus side was that Sunday when my parent's had the girls Lee cooked a wonderful lunch for him and I! Beer butt chicken on the grill, foil packets of veggies (potatoes, onions, and sliced radishes---did you know you could grill radishes?! They actually tasted awesome), and homemade jaleopeno poppers wrapped in bacon. The poppers were the only thing that was kind of a bust--they were just  too hot  to eat! I  made brownies for dessert and we had a great kid free day! (me sewing, him watching baseball and racing :-)

Lastly in today's very random post, here are the cute art prints I ordered for the girls' bathroom. I discovered someone on Etsy who had created art prints specifically to match the shower curtain we happen to have in the girls' bathroom. I asked her if she'd customize the wording on them so that I could have Raya's name on the owl, and Brielle's on the squirrel, and she did  it without any problem :-) (Sorry Brielle, there are not  sock monkey's on the shower  curtain! hehe)

See how cute they look with the curtain?

The tree print says "bathroom rules ....wash, flush, brush, floss" .....she already had the wording on that one. The other two prints  were originally blank, but she added the names for me.
The annoying thing is that I bought these cheapo frames to put the prints in, without realizing they don't have anything on the back  to hang them up with! So Lee is going to have to rig somethign up for me tonight haha.

I plan to hang them in a little group above the toilet...I think they will look so cute!

This  wall  has been  left blank because I'd been waiting for the perfect thing to hang up. I don't like to rush my wall decisions :-P I'm hoping this bathroom will work for the girls into elementary school, and then  before they go into middle school I'm predicting we'll do a whole girlie tween redo LOL.

Hope everyone's having a great Monday!


  1. I hope everything goes well for Brielle on Friday. Our ENT appointment did not go well at all. So we are getting a second opinion from a different ENT. He did not want to put tubes in Emma's ears, just wanted her on an antibiotic for 2 1/2 months. And I'm not ok with that at all!
    The pictures and the shower curtain are sooooo adorable!!! =)

    1. Strange! Yeah, that seems like a long time to just be on a med...I'd think either their is a problem that needs tubes, or it's something that should be able to be treated with a normal course of antibiotics!

      Thanks :-)

  2. Hope everything goes well on Friday.

    Those bathroom prints are adorable

  3. She is still so damn cute, sick or not! I love that tank top and jeggings!

    And I love the new art prints. They will look great in there!

  4. Bummer that she got a cold! Go figure, huh!

    She looks really cute in that pudding picture!!

  5. Didn't you buy some other frames that had that same problem!!
    Poor Brielle, I hope these tubes fix her!!!!
    Grama F

    1. Yes, but they were little 5x7s, which made sense to me that they wouldn't be for hanging. It never crossed my mind that 8x10s wouldn't hang either!

  6. Those wall prints are adorable (and that shower curtain!). I can't believe you found some that match exactly...that's awesome:)


  7. I hope Brielle gets some relief from those tubes! It seems like they work wonders on so many kids-- I'm sure she'll feel better soon after.

    I have that same problem with a bunch of my frames and I HATE it! How much would it have cost them to attach those tiny metal hangers?


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