Friday, June 8, 2012

Fashion Friday -- create your own tank dress!

first off, Brielle is now on a new medicine and we have a referral to ENT. She's slightly more perky today compared to yesterday, but still unwell and fussy enough that Finn didn't come today. Hopefully we can see him on Tuesday!

Since Brielle  is more fussy than normal she has a very low tolerance for Miss Raya's antics. Miss Raya, in turn, cries if she is scolded for bugging sissy. All in all our morning looked a little something like this:

So I decided to load the g irls up for a Target run! Because even the fussiest kids are happy in the toy aisle ;-) Plus I had wanted to get them some floaties for the hotel pool when we're on vacation.

Now let me tell  you a couple  stories about Target.  First, the new medicine Brielle is on can cause "diaper  issues", if you catch  my drift. Well today in the shopping cart Brielle w as starting to fuss so I picked her up, set her on my hip, and continued shopping. After a couple minutes I realized we had a problem. A diaper blowout problem. And convienently enough today was like the second time in my life I decided to wear a completely solid *white* shirt. Diaper blowout+ baby on hip+white shirt = HOT MESS!  So for the remainder of the trip I had to carefully place the diaper bag or baby to cover my right side LOL. Ugh, what a mess!! It was one of those "things they don't tell  you about motherhood" moments :-P

Secondly, we often play in the toy aisle at stores and Raya has NEVER begged for a toy. Frankly even at Christmas I had to plant the seeds as to what she might want, because she never really came up with anything on her own. Until today!

The last  week or so there has been a dora mermaid doll commercial on tv. Raya always says "mama, I want that dora mermaid!" and I usually just brush her off with a "maybe sometime we can buy one"....well today she saw it....and squealed in delight! And hugged the box. And  said "I love it soooo much". And told *me* she loved me. And said "pleeeease"......

And  so I  looked at her and said "no Raya, you don't need it. And begging is not  allowed so if you don't stop right now we're leaving.

.....or not.

What I *actually* said was "ok, but just because  you're so stinkin' cute"

And she is.

Next time I will  stand strong people....but this was a milestone! $20 on a stupid Dora (I tried talking her into  a super cool  remote control Lalaloopsy car that you can put the Lalaloopsy dolls in instead....but she wouldn't have it. The lalaloopsy car was way cooler in my opinion! haha)

Doesn't she look  so happy?

And speaking of Target....let's talk Fashion Friday!!!!!

Awhile  back  my mom bought all three granddaughters these little denim skirts from Target. They were like $4 or $5 dollars each. Well this morning I discovered that using this skirt you can turn *any* tank top into an adorable "dress"!!!! The dress style popular this year is actually very similiar to this  look....and rather than buy a bunch of different dresses you can instead get this skirt and just pair it with any tank top from your daughter's closet (tucked in) and instantly it looks like a trendy dress! So cute :-)

She said she was "Swimming"  on the carpet

My little fuss butt

Mama feels the same way Brielle---we all need a good nap!
Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. Those are adorable dresses---great idea and TGIF, right?!?!

  2. The girls look so cute in those dresses!

    Raya is quite the little model for you! :)

  3. My Raya LOVES that Dora mermaid doll. Every time she sees the commercial she asks for it. I can only imagine what will go down when she sees it in person :) Good job Mama! Nothing like a little Christmas in June <3

    1. I know---that damn commercial has some sort of hidden cryptic message I think LOL

  4. Adorable outfits, and cool idea!! =)

  5. Those skirts are really cute on!!!!!Raya loves her dolls!!!! I hope Brielle is happier tomorrow!!!!!
    Grama F


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