Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday with Finn and Fashion Friday

Sorry for the late post tonight, but Mr.  Finn must have read my blog and decided to reinforce my decision to have no more babies by exercising his right to be high maintanance today! hehe.  Little  stinker---or  should I say good  job? ;-)

Then this evening my mom took me and the girls out to supper because  she had an errand to run in town, and she knows I'm still eating off paper plates due to my out of commission dishwasher LOL.

For  Fashion Friday today let's talk  preschool  wardrobe, shall  we? haha.  Lately I've been keeping my eye out for "school  girl" fashion hehe...when Raya starts preschool in the fall she needs  to look the part, and awhile back I found this and  I thought the little layered button up/crop sweater would be perfect for school :-) Looked adorable for a day lounging with Finn too though!

This was the look  of unhappiness  she gave me when I was taking pictures  of Finn instead of her haha. She demanded "take pictures  of *me* mommy!"

And then she turned on the photo charm LOL

All  done! ...and hiding from mama ;-)
Brielle's  hiding too :-)

Now onto our Friday  with  Finn! Finn was actually  a very good boy today---when he was beeing gushed  over and cuddled hehe. Well around 3:00pm I still hadn't gotten to eat lunch yet, so I told him he had to sit in his carseat for a few minutes while I quick ate something! He hung out in his  carseat pretty well, but would fuss every once in awhile. ...when all of a sudden when Finn was fussing I see Brielle go grab his bottle, a bag of goldfish crackers, and walk them over to Finn and "offer" them to him...while  pointing at him and saying "uh-oh!"   ...It was so stinkin' cute haha

Here are some snacks Finn!

Saying "uh-oh!"


He thought she was funny!

Here are  some random cute  pics  of Finn from today

High maintanance? Who  me?! :-P

But I'm so cute--you know you want to hold me all day long! :-)

And  lastly, some random pics of the girls  from yesterday

She drew this all by  herself!  She  said it was Brielle, Raya, and Mommy :-)   And doesn't  it  look  realistic? I think so---because it looks  like Mommy's ears are bleeding---or I'm crying purple---and frankly either is possible some days because this child never shuts up! lol

Raya's teasing sissy!

She got it back! :-)

And thanks for the  suggestions about my photo editing---I think I definitely need to get photoshop or lightroom...that must be my problem! Ohhhhh Leeeeeeeeeee........ :-P


  1. Cute pictures. Raya's outfit is too cute. I still need to find kaylee a preschool.

  2. Love all the photos. And Raya's first outfit, ADORABLE! I love it! Emma was sitting on my lap while reading this and she kept saying how much she liked it too! Very stylish =)

  3. I love Raya's outfit. And she's quite the little artist and looks so proud of her masterpiece :)

  4. Love miss Rayas modeling!!! Finn is such a little cutie!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Just when you think you can't cram anymore cuteness into this world, you put all three of those sweeties into one post. It's a good thing I'm not around that baby because I'd be kissing his face all day long!


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