Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Getting ready...

We're getting ready for our vacation---and  today Raya got a new sleeping bag for the occassion! We actually don't have any sleeping bags for the kids, so I got Raya one at Target today. She's now obsessively in love with it.

This morning Brielle also saw the ENT...she's getting tubes on the 29th! Wish us luck!! I know this is a super common procedure, but I"m still a little nervous about her being put under. Anyone have a personal experience to share with me if your kid had tubes???? Lee is going to take that morning off to stay home with Raya so that I can just focus on Brielle while we're there.

After that today we stopped at my favorite children's consignment store. I signed up to sell my stuff there! I have my first appointment next week, where I bring in a small sample of clothes (to make sure I have nice namebrand stuff that is clean and everything, etc.) and then after they "approve" me I can bring more stuff in! My goal is to make enough money that I  can buy all of Raya's school year clothes there. Obviously I can just get paid with a check, but I can also use it as store credit...and since I am supposed to send Raya to preschool in "play clothes" I thought this would be perfect...get namebrand stuff so she can dress cute, but it's cheap since it's consignment! :-)

While I was there today I was able to look  around for approx. 3.2 minutes before the girls started destroying the place and I had to leave...but in those 3 minutes I scored some great finds!

The top left is an old navy dress for Raya...looks brand new, from old navy, and got it for $5. The white shirt with pink bow is soooo cute ...pleated and little white polkadots on it. Brand new with tags for only $1! That's for Brielle :-) The jean skirt is Children's place for Raya, less than $2!....then how funny is this---the blue dress on bottom I already had for Raya (mom had found it used somewhere) and suddenly today I see the same one for Brielle for only $1! Looks brand new--now they can match! Raya's  is getting too short on her, so it's more of a tunic, but it's so cute. Then on the bottom right I already had the romper for Brielle and found the matching dress for Raya at the consignment store!!!!
And in case  you think  Raya is ready to be a baby gap model, she still has her non cooperative  days as shown here:

And they were both  uncooperative for the group photo LOL

Running around the table and squealing LOL

Probably  won't update for awhile  as we enjoy our vacation! Raya is so excited for the she said  "and  mommy, are you bringing your camera and taking lots of pictures of us at the zoo?"  .....she knows me too well ;-)

Don't forget to share words of wisdom if your kiddo has gotten tubes....thanks!


  1. That's awesome that you found clothes that already matched other outfits. Lucky girl!

    And about tubes. Oh girlfriend, I'm a pro at them haha! Both girls have had tubes TWICE. So in two years, I was in that surgery room 4 TIMES. Yikes. But honestly, it's easy peasy. The worst part is before and after.

    Before: she can't eat/drink anything after midnight and she might be asking/begging you for food. Luckily they do it super early so it's not too bad. Oh and the waiting sucks too. Just kinda bored at 6am :) Then they take her back for surgery, you wait in the waiting room for less than 20 minutes (goes by fast!!), and then they take you to her.

    The after for me was different for both girls. Lidia? AN ANGEL. She just snuggled, slept, and then woke up and was amazing the rest of the day. Carly? UMM MONSTER for the first 20 minutes, then fell asleep and was amazing the rest of the day.

    So anyway, You will do great! She will do great!
    Oh and have fun on vacay! So jealous

  2. no advise on the tubes but I hope all goes well.
    Loving the consignment finds, too cute. I'll find out tomorrow if I can sell off the rest of the girls clothes or if I need to keep them. Have fun on your vacation!

  3. Great job on the clothes, very cute!!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. Good luck with the tubes!! I'm really anxious to see how you make out. We have our appointment tomorrow at 11am with the ENT. And your consignment finds, amazing! I LOVE the green dress that Raya is wearing!!! What brand is it?? Have an awesome vacation!! And take lots of pictures =)

    1. Thanks! The green dress is Old Navy...not sure how many seasons ago. Sometimes the stuff there is stuff that is still currently being sold in stores....and sometimes it's a couple years old.

  5. Great finds!

    The worth it. Katelyn has had them twice and adenoids out the 2nd time. The wait before they take them back is the worst cause little one is typically hungry and they cannot have anything. The surgery is super fast, so you do not really have time to worry while they are getting the surgery. The recovery can vary, but is typically easy. The first round, Katelyn was screaming when she woke up, but calmed down after about 20min. After a long nap, she was good to go. The 2nd time, no tears, just snuggling. Took a great nap and was a little groggy that afternoon. By the next day, she was good as new. I never regretted our decision, either time, to put tubes in. Shes has actually lost her tubes now and I am hoping we don't have to get a 3rd set, but I would do it in a heart beat if the ENT suggested it. After her first surgery at 7 months, I noticed a huge change in her talking. Its like she could finally hear for the first time. Wishing you and Brielle well and enjoy your vacation!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I wonder about her talking because a lot of times if we ask her to repeat something she looks at us and just giggles...I'm starting to wonder if she can really hear exactly what we're saying! I do know that today, even after two meds this round, the ENT said she *still* has fluid in her who knows how much she can hear I guess!

  6. Love their matching dresses! :)

    Have a FUN vacation!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. Neither of my girls have gotten tubes, sorry. But I hope her surgery goes smoothly & they help miss Brielle!

    Love their matching dresses! I'm a sucker for dressing my girls alike, if you haven't already noticed. :)

    Have a super FUN vacation! Cannot wait to hear all about it!

  8. Have a great time on vacation! I love the matching outfits :)

  9. No personal experience with the tubes, but several of our friends have done it for their kids with no issues! And they say it makes a world of difference. Just think of how happy that sweet baby will be without the constant ear infections!

    Love the consignment store finds!! I'm going to have to find one of those here. I'm the sucker that pays full price for everything or thinks they are getting a good deal with a 20% off full price coupon...

    1. Yes, it's amazing. I am constantly finding like new gymboree outfits for $1-$2! It's all about finding the right store though...sometimes they are just kinda yucky. I am lucky that this one is nearby--they are very picky about what they accept and it's gorgeous stuff!

  10. Brielle looks so pretty and grown up in her dress and ponytail! I also love Raya's looks... you find the cutest stuff!


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