Friday, June 1, 2012

Help! Picture advice needed

Ok fellow wannabe (or real) photographers....I need help.

I"ve  got a Nikon D5100 camera. Now I know  that  this is a fairly "professional" camera and I  *should* be able to print my pictures to just about any  size  I want and have  them be nice. However I"m having issues! They look great on my computer, but when I print them through shutterfly it's really hit or miss. And this last batch  I just  got is pretty bad! Like even  a lot of the 4x6 pictures are pixely looking :-0

What  am I doing wrong? I  think part of it might be that I  use  Picasa to edit  my  photos...perhaps when I export the photos from that program to print it messes up the photo  quality? What program should I be using  instead then?

Any  advice is  appreciated! I have some great pictures  that I'd  love to print  in huge sizes, but right now  I just can't figure out how! :-)

Real  update later tonight....


  1. I'm not good at this stuff but my husband is. He usually edits photos on LightRoom or PhotoShop. Good luck!

  2. When you edit in picasa it saves it as a lower quality. I would recommend purchasing Photoshop elements. Much less expensive (around $100) than the full Photoshop and much more user friendly. There is also a well written book about the program.

  3. Hey shawna, when i print any of the professional pictures i take i upload and print them through they are SUPER cheap and they print LARGE prints in GREAT quality. I like shuttrefly too, just not for professional pictures. And for editing i like photoshop and or the lightroom that was mentioned above. Good luck!

  4. A couple of other people have said the same thing, but when using Picasa it saves at a much lower quality. I started out using photoshop elements, and now I use photoshop lightroom. I also print all of my photos at They are super cheap and the quality is awesome!!!!

  5. Does your camera shoot RAW photos? You can tell it to save a photo raw (at a SUPER high resolution that doesn't dillute the quality at all) if you KNOW it's the one you want to print. The trouble is that the files are so large you can't store many on your memory card at once. I've done it a few times when I knew I was about to take a great shot, and they've printed beautifully. I also use Photoshop and upload directly to whatever site I'm using for printing.

    1. I honestly have no idea about RAW haha...I'll have to pull out my manual! :-) But thanks for the tip---and I think I'm definitely going to get photoshop....I think that must be the big part of my problem. Just hoping it doesn't take me a year to figure out how to use it haha.


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