Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hotel pool

So after the zoo (yesterday's post) we went swimming back at the hotel! As I mentioned earlier, Raya  was terrified. We tried every tactic we could think of and she just could not be reasoned with....seriously screaming and crying. Oh well, Brielle had fun! :-)

(And be warned, the dark and full of glare hotel pool  area was not the greatest for my camera in auto mode...and I know I  could have adjusted settings and such but like I said before, I haven't figured that all out yet haha. So these pictures are mediocre at best, but they  will have to do. Enjoy!)

I could already tell it was going to be bad when we were in the hotel  room. Raya  started explaining to me how she wasn't going to swim because she would "fall to the bottom of the sea"  ....and how she only swims in little pools and not big pools, etc. The girl had psyched herself out long before we even got down there!

Taking Dora mermaid along :-)

This is a 0-6m size bathrobe we got at Raya's baby shower lol...fits Brielle as a coverup! :-)

Initial reaction was uncertainty

Raya wasn't even coming close!

Bryn wasn't so sure either

Finally  we got some toe dipping...

By this time Brielle was having a grand time and living it up in the pool

Bryn started to get brave too

Notice Raya is still on step 1 :-P

Madison was having fun!

Brielle was having  fun!

Bryn was still "eh"

Raya was still bound and determined to hate swimming

Trying to pump Raya  up and get her in the pool

Bryn suddenly realized swimming was fun!

Where is Raya  during all the  fun splashing and swimming? Just monitoring the situation from the safety of the sideline :-P

Not at all convinced she won't sink  to the bottom of the "sea" ;-P

Gearing up for her big  toe dip!

Success! :-)

At this point Brielle is literally jumping into the pool

Lee grabbed Raya and forced her in. Notice Bryn smiling and having fun---while Raya screams in terror

Brielle thinks that it's funny watching Raya scream like a baby!

She kept up the crying for a looooong time. Finally  I decided the other pool patrons had been  through enough, so I took  Raya back  to the hotel room and put her to bed for the night! Swimming lessons in July---we are screwed! haha
Stay tuned for tomorrow---my last vacation update--City Gardens fountains! Some really great pictures coming :-)


  1. Poor Raya and that scary sea! Kyla was supposed to get her first swimming experience yesterday, but got sick instead. I think she might be more like Raya than Brielle. I love how fearless Brielle is!

  2. Your girls look like they love the water!!

  3. My poor little Raya!!! We need to get her into private lessons ASAP!!! She looks soooo pitiful watching everyone have fun, but she is terrified to join in!!!
    Grama F


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