Monday, June 11, 2012

Light at the end of the tunnel

Well  people, I think I can see the light finally! Brielle has acted like she FINALLY feels a little better today!! Plus we now have numbing ear drops *and* we are scheduled for our consult  with the ENT on Wednesday morning...they are squeezing us in (thanks for getting that set up mom!) It helps to have a mom who's a nurse lol ;-) So obviously if we decide to do tubes that won't  be this  week, but I'm hoping we'll be in good shape for our vacation at least.

Raya  is very excited to try out the new  floaties she picked  out at the  hotel  pool!

So fingers crossed for us!! But based  on some of these faces I got this morning, I am hoping  Brielle will  be ok!

Raya said  "look  mommy, I've set up our tablecloth!"  haha. Some of the things she comes up with just crack me up.

Brielle has been giving me this look  a lot lately LOL

Need to  get  her ponytail in!

Giving sissy "the look" as well!


I asked her if she pooped LOL

Little  stinker!

Miss Blue Eyes
Early this morning I was washing up our jumperoo for a friend who's buying  it...the  girls were very interested in this "new  toy"....Raya tried to squeeze her  big old tush in there---hard  to believe  she was once jumping away in that thing!

Wanna know  another  funny thing? So  I was going through more baby clothes (yes,  it  never ends haha) and  found  4 of these cute gymboree pj sets in size 6-12 month that Brielle wore last year. Started thinking maybe they'd  still fit  and sure enough, they do! She doesn't happen to be wearing the shorts in this picture, but they all  fit fine. Add four extra days to my laundry schedule now hehe.
Here are some pics of the girls from this  morning after we got dressed....they were "swimming" on the floor :-)

Can't  believe this outfit still  fits from last  summer too...glad  though because it's a favorite :-)

Ring around the rosie

Birthday shirt order---love the color scheme this lady chose! Makes me want to have  a pink  lemonade party sometime :-)

This one's going to Canada--love the color scheme she chose  too!


  1. Cute pics! So funny, we pulled our jumperoo out of storage since our new house has a lot more storage space, and Savanna kept trying to bounce in it, too!

  2. glad to hear that brielle is feeling better! when do you leave for vacation? cute pictures. Keira gives me that same look that Brielle does! LOL

  3. I love the birthday shirt you made with the pinks, yellows and oranges! The colors go awesome together! =) I bet you are excited for your vacation! =)

  4. Yay! So glad Brielle is finally feeling better! You are right, she looks so much better in the pictures. I love "the look" she gives you!! :)

  5. So glad Brielle is feeling better. Raya in her floaties is just the cutest thing! They are both so adorable!

  6. Hope she continues to feel better, especially before vacation!!! And get yourself over to our website, to win those two girls some hair bows---we have an awesome giveaway this week!


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