Tuesday, June 26, 2012


My Lightroom came  today---yay!!

And does  anyone know, was that bad  boy supposed to  come with instructions? LOL...I  guess I was expecting a manual to read---but all  I got was the cd! So needless to say I'm still learning  through trial and error how it works. I need to find some good online tutorials---suggestions?

So  far with the *tiny* bit that I've figured out, I definitely like  it. Makes it much easier for me  to "save" those photos that are too dark, etc...and when I did a trial upload to shutterfly I'm no longer getting a warning for insufficent resolution...it now lets me print them up to huge 20-30 prints! So we've solved the problem of printing large sizes :-)

Here are some screenshots of me playing  around with lightroom this morning

So on the left is the too dark  photo, and on the right is how nicely it brightened up with some easy adjustments

playing around with black  and white edits

Here are a few other pics (that you've already seen) ...that I played around a little with in Lightroom. I think they look nice

Played around  with different  color boosting to highlight those eyes :-)

Tried an "antique" finish on this one
So definitely having fun! However the downside is that  now my pics are very high resolution, so they take a lot longer to upload to the blog! And I have a feeling that  soon I'll be running out of photo space on the blog like some other bloggers have mentioned, because of the larger photo files. Guess  we'll see! I'll have to be more choosy about the photos I share to conserve space :-P

I think this weekend I might take Raya to the college in town and try a photoshoot....I think we may try Finn's family pictures at the college and I'd like to walk around and find some good spot. We'll see if Raya is feeling in the photo mood this weekend....not holding my breath, but maybe  icecream bribery will help ;-)

That's all  I have today! I have baby Finn and  Brielle is a little fussy so we'll keep it short and sweet today.


  1. I thought the exact same thing when I got my lighthouse! There should be instructions!

    Unfortunately I haven't had much time to use it, so I don't have any suggestions for you. Please share good references or tricks you find as you use it more!

  2. I don't think mine came with a manual, but I can't exatly remember. Youtube.com has some awesome lightroom tutorials! Honestly that's where I learned most of how to use lightroom. You are going to LOVE it!!! =)

  3. No advise for you on lightroom. You might be able to find some tutorials on Pinterest. The pictures you edited look good. The one of Brielle, her eyes really pop!

  4. Those are looking good! Bummer they didn't give you a manual!

    Yeah, just wait, because I have iPhoto where you can edit a lot of pictures like you are doing, and quite a few times now blogger has told me I have no more room for photos. The only solution I have found is to switch my uploading of pictures to our other computer, and then when it says it again, I switch to the other. Weirdest thing!


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