Monday, June 4, 2012

Misc. Monday--- and a GIVEAWAY!

First things first, Brielle  is sick :-(

See the mouth wide open? That's  her "i  can't breathe through  my nose" face
So the official verdict? Unknown virus and double  ear infection! Poor  thing. So  another  round of meds  it is! We are now at the point when she could go to an ear, nose, and throat specialist and possibly  get tubes, but I decided to hold  off  one more time.  Tubes this time of year would be a pain because they have to wear earplugs etc.  in the pool and stuff, so the doctor told me  he'd suggest waiting until after summer and then if she continues to have problems in the fall we'd need to see a specialist.  So  fingers crossed that this is the last  ear infection! Raya never had trouble  with this---must be the shape of their ears in some way---poor Brielle's ear are not good to her!

And despite  being  sick, she can still  be a little  shit too lol.  Today she ran away from me and was hiding....found her in the laundry room just giggling --so proud of getting into  trouble!

Oh,  and  stats at the doctor  today were as follows: Just under 22lbs (fully  no real weight gain since  her 15 month appt.) and 30 inches (grew one inch since her 15 month appt!). Still my petite girl.

When we went to  the pharmacy after  the doctor, to pick  up meds, Raya was cracking me  up. Here is the facebook status I posted about it today:

Bad news? Brielle has a mystery virus and double ear infection :-( Good news? Raya cracks me up! We were at the pharmacy waiting for meds and they were playing corny "elevator music" love songs. Raya suddenly stops to listen and says "wow, I like this song, it makes me so happy! .....what's it called? I just love it so much!" LOL.

And so  on that note,  Raya has been saying tons of funny things lately. I often post them on fb as they happen, but figured  I better transfer some over here to the blog  so that  I never forget! haha. So here are  some other recent fb status updates I've  done:

Brielle is one of those second children who doesn't talk a whole lot because everyone (including big sister!) knows exactly what she wants without her even saying. So I obviously keep working on it forcing her to repeat things. Well this morning I was trying to make her say "please" and Raya said, "Mommy, she doesn't really answer you"....and I said "I know, she doesn't talk much does she?" which Raya replied, "Not to *you*....she always talks to me, don't you sissy?!" I guess Brielle and Raya are having in depth conversations dishing about their crazy Mama at night or something LOL

Raya: "Oh no, there's no more puddles for me to splash in!" (looking out the window)
Me: "Maybe Daddy can make you a puddle when he gets home and waters the flowers."
Raya: "Ok, but I'm going to be really mad if he only makes me one! He will make me mad and I will cry. I need LOTS of puddles."
I feel like the word Diva isn't even enough to adequately describe Miss Raya LOL ;-)

Raya woke up this morning and suddenly, and very carefully, counted all of her fingers and toes. Grand total? 17! She was very proud---and now I'm a little worried about those missing 3 ;-)

Raya was running around the house and did a very graceful trip and faceplant into the floor. She gets herself back up, looks at me, and says "woah---my superpowers broke!" lol...good one

She's a funny girl, isn't  she?!

Now  while Raya is saying funny things left and right, Brielle  is  really having a language burst all  of a sudden! She has always talked  just enough to meet the minimum requirements for her age  pretty much lol (not much of an overachiever hehe)  if they say 5 words at age 15 months, she'd have 6, etc. Just  kinda floating  along. She's always understood EVERYTHING though. It's funny, we can have a conversation not even paying attention to her, and if she hears us mention something she'll  go get it or point at it etc. For example, the other day at the mall we were going to play at the play area and I told my mom "I forgot to bring their  socks to play)....well Brielle was in the stroller but apparently heard me and started pointing at her  foot saying "uh oh! uh oh!" LOL.

But  anyways, yeah, not a ton of actual words. But lately she's started repeating a lot  more and she's talking in gibberish that  sounds very "official" know the gibberish where you almost can swear she's saying complex sentences but you just  can't  *quite* make  it out? yeah, I think she'll be talking my ear off very soon!

Here are some pictures  of the girls  from yesterday...

My ears hurt!

And lastly, an Etsy  milestone I'm very proud of...I  just made my 500th Etsy sale today!!!! And it was an order for *three* of my  fishing birthday shirts, so  that was pretty memorable haha. How fun! And that number doesn't count the ton of sales I've done outside of Etsy...I've been a busy girl! :-)

In honor of my 500th sale, I'm doing a GIVEAWAY over on my facebook page, found here . To enter all  you have  to do is  comment telling me what  you would pick  if you won a $20 credit to my shop---it's  that  simple! One winner  will be chosen randomly  in a week :-) Everyone can play!

And to end, here are some of my latest Etsy projects...

One of the  winners  from my last  giveaway got  this  cool  shirt--a fun twist on the birthday  shirt I made for Sawyer.

These tinkerbelle birthday outfits are going out to fellow blogger  Bri! :-)  ...please  excuse the poor  photo lighting  from last night---the tutus have green in them  that doesn't  really  show up well... and I know  her  girls will  look so adorable  in them!

We are going  to catch a Cardinal's baseball  game with the girls and some friends  of ours in a couple weeks. Realized Brielle  had nothing festive to wear so I made her  a shirt with  the Cardinals  logo on it (this is an overlapping S, t, and L for  non cardinals fans :-)  ...Raya might  get a matching one if I find time to squeeze it  in! Otherwise  she has a couple cardinals  things  from last year that still fit.

A layered birthday shirt---pick  any two fabrics  to layer....very fun!

Been making lots of tie shirts!!

And lots of caterpillar  shirts!!!

Sibling  birthday shirts

Still making lots  of birthday  mustache shirts as well!

So that's all  I've got for today---be sure to enter my giveaway over on my facebook page!! :-)


  1. Ack!!!!!! I about screamed when I scrolled down and saw the girls' shirts and tutus!!!!! They look FABULOUS!!!! You did an amazing job! Can't wait for the girls to see them... and even better, wear them! :)

    1. hehe...glad you like them! Hopefully the harsher critics also approve LOL ;-) I mailed them out this morning!

  2. Great giveaway---I just found your blog recently as I have started to get into blogging more. But I realized that when I went to your Facebook page that you are based in Cedar Rapids---do you live there? I grew up in Cedar Falls, went to the University of Iowa, but now live in NJ!!! I love finding Iowa connections!

    1. How funny! I live just outside of Cedar Rapids...but I did graduate school at UNI and lived just north of Cedar Falls for almost 5 years before moving back here recently! :-)

  3. Raya is tooooo funny these days!! Poor Brielle, I
    hope she outgrows these ear problems sooooon!
    Love all the etsy orders!!!!
    Grama F

  4. I love Raya's 17 toes and those first few pics of her... so pretty! And sassy! She is such a cutie.

  5. Oh, and I might need a shirt with that Cardinals logo... Joel would freak. Sans bow, of course, but that is absolutely adorable.

    1. Thanks! hehe :-) You should enter my fb giveaway...maybe you could win one!

  6. Amanda also had many ear infections when she was little. The doctor said if she had one more, she would need tubes. Her ears must have heard that because she hasn't had an ear infection since. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
    Amy M

    1. Hopefully Brielle's ears heard too! Although they're so infected I'm not s ure they can hear much of anything right now! :-0

  7. Those tie and bowtie shirts are amazing. I may be ordering some soon :)

    1. Your boys would look super cute in them! You should enter my fb giveaway---maybe you'd win them! :-)


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