Friday, June 29, 2012

No Paparazzi Please Photography

I'm officially addicted to photo editing! LOL.

Here are some more of  my "professional" photos hehe...I keep finding more I  want to edit! I really like how they're  turning out though

I added my "logo" on these just for fun, to make them seem more professional LOL

So anyways, who knows if anything will  come of my new "company" hehe...but  I think it'd be  fun if down the road I had the occassional person who wanted pics and they could pay me a small fee and then get all the pics to print  as they chose. B/c paying for each print is what gets ya with "real" professional photographers...they add up fast!

...don't miss Brielle's surgery update post below :-)


  1. Love the photos! Have you downloaded any presets yet? If you haven't, I can give you a couple of websites where you can download them for free =)

    1. No I haven't...I'd love the websites!

    2. I love the presets!! Here is a couple =)

      Both are awesome and have some really good tips on them too =)

  2. Love , love, love the pics,I do want prints i'll let you know which ones and the size!!
    Grama F

  3. They are looking so good! Raya's brown eyes look so beautiful in the picture where she is looking up at the camera.

  4. You could totally have a photography business! And you have some really cute models to make for some great advertising. I would definitely pay you to take pictures if I lived near you.

  5. You're where I am right now, too... I'd love to do it but don't know exactly how to get started. Need to take a few classes so that I can learn some of the more advanced features of my camera. Then... maybe?


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