Sunday, June 10, 2012


I'm not sure  how it all  started, but somehow Lee  got talking to her about pink bow and arrows that she could get when bigger (real ones) and then Raya decided that her toy bow and arrow needed to be pink pink pink! So Friday night Lee got pink  spray paint and girlied up her bow---complete with a dora mermaid from the box of her latest toy. Raya was quite thrilled to wake up Saturday morning and see her "new" bow and arrow set!

Daddy picked  out her  jammies  the night before---can you tell? ;-)

Today Lee  took  the girls into town because the had a little thing where you could sit in helicopters and fire trucks and stuff  like that.  He took a couple pics on his phone that I'll have to share some time. I hear they had fun, but Raya refused to talk to the policeman LOL. She later told me "he was kinda scary".
While they were gone I frantically worked on Etsy orders. My shop is now officially closed until some time in July! But  I still have many orders to make. Today I made two of these adorable hungry caterpillar outfits---one of my fav items :-)

That's all  I've got tonight!


  1. That's awesome that he fixed her bow all up so it is now girly!!! Love it!!

    The outfit you made is cute!! Exciting that your shop is closed until July! Enjoy your vacation!!

  2. Love that Lee made her bow and arrow pink!!!! He knows how to get those girls to come around to his side!!!!!!Love that outfit, one one my favorites!!!!
    Love Grama F

  3. It looks like Christmas morning and she was so excited to wake up and find the "new" bow! I love how excited kids get :)

    Hope you don't spend your whole "vacation" getting caught up on orders...hopefully you have a few weeks with no sweat shop!

    1. I have about 3 weeks of orders still to work on goal is one full week with no sweat shop though! :-)

  4. That is the most adorable outfit ever!!!!!!


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