Saturday, June 23, 2012

Playing catch-up

With doing vacation posts all last week I have a bunch of random things to share so I figured now was as good a time as any!

First, today Lee had the girls while I worked....he took them to the park, did a DQ picnic, took them swimming, etc....a great daddy day from the sounds of it! Then tonight after he gave baths he let them play together on his phone....and he got some cute pictures of them together, being best buds :-)

Helping  guide Brielle's  hand to play  the game

They  love to play  some kinda  of fish farting game lol
While Lee had the girls  today, I slaved away on Etsy haha. Making good  progress, but still  have another 2 weeks of orders to finish before I actually get to start my vacation! I've decided to keep my shop closed until  early  August, just so that I actually get a couple weeks of no orders...I'll be back though!

One of the orders I did today was for my blogger friend Britt  ...please excuse the poor pics, but her girls' birthday outfits  turned out very cute!

Hmmm....what else? Well, this week I've continued to sell  baby stuff. Pretty much down to only the baby swing as far as big  items go....and I'm not listing that right now because I figured I better keep something around for Finn! On Thursday last week I went to the consignment store to drop off my first  pile  of stuff.  They are only accepting fall  stuff  right now and I had to bring in a test batch for them to go over. Wow--they are very picky! haha. They "rejected" about 5 of my things because of "stains"...well granted 2 of them  I really could see (small spit  up stains) but the  other  3 I honestly  could not see even when they pointed  them  out haha. So I took the offending items back home to wash and hopefully take with my next trip lol. 

Of course while there I had to look around some.  My new goal is to use the money I make from my stuff that sells, to turn around and buy the next size up that we need for Miss Raya. I was confident this should be pretty easy to do, but even more so after this last trip where I scored big time!

Thank you to the mom who brought in FIVE gymboree items that  were new with tags! And which I purchased for $1.87 up to $3 each haha. Score! I also  got  an adorable white  tank from Crazy 8, tags still  attached too---for less than $2.

The 4 items  on the right  are for her to grow into. The  brown dress and white tank she can wear now.

See the gymboree tags still attached?! Craziness  people. I think the price tag on the skirt alone was like $26 haha
I also scored an awesome 4 peice set from GAP  for a grand total of $5. Yep! It's size 5T but she'll grow into it. I couldn't pass up four gap items for $5 :-)

The sweater and skirt look brand new...the shirt  and  pants  look like they were worn a couple times is all.
My grand total for  everything that day? $20 and some odd cents. Considering I  predict I'll  make at least $200 from my fall stuff I took  in alone, I think buying Raya's fall wardrobe here with that  money  should be easy! :-) Of course  I love shopping to much to stop going to the mall completely haha

Now onto  Miss Brielle developments....well, she's suddenly talking up a storm! Her  favorite things to say right  now are "Boo!" (she hides and then tries to scare you haha)...she also says "the end" when she finishes a book....and the other  day when we were playing  with our dolls and one fell she said  "no no dee dee" (the doll's  name)  haha. Seriously, like overnight she started talking!

Also overnight she started throwing tantrums....a lot of them! She's really dramatic too. The funniest part is she likes to make a soft pile with her blankies to then throw herself onto and roll around in during herr tantrum. She likes to plan ahead for comfort ;-)

drama queen
Brielle  also had  her  first  real  time out yesterday. She is hitting me a lot now, even after  I tell her no. She does it mainly out of frustration when she's mad, or if she's bored and not getting enough attention. She's not good about staying in timeout right now, but she's learning!

Friday is her big ear tube surgery....wish us luck!

This week I also watched Finn on Tuesday and  Friday.  I've started wearing him in the remaining baby carrier I haven't sold lol...and  he likes it. I also continue to do  photoshoots whenever I have  him---I told his mom they were baby glamour shots! hehe. His mom also asked  if I'd take their family pics and  his 3 month pics in a week or so, so I may adventure into my first attempt at that shortly--just waiting to get my hands on lightroom that I ordered still!!!

Here are some of my favorites of him that I took this week though

Having a "picnic" on our picnic blanket

I love this one. I've  discovered I have a preference for very upclose photos haha....i love them!

He tried  out the exersaucer this week too---my mom had  this and said I could sell  it and keep the money....well  sorry buddy, but I sold it tonight and it's supposed  to be picked up Monday!  We'll  find something else for you ;-)

We played dress up too---such a shame that boys don't get to wear headbands  regularly! ;-)
Lastly, we've remodeled our house. Now you enter the front door directly into our kitchen...

The  huge  mess was worth it  because  they played over an hour on their  own haha

Having  a picnic  with baby boo

This poor kitchen set was mine growing up, and now even the makeover I gave it a couple years ago has seen better days. I've planning to give the girls a brand new kitchen set for Christmas, so let me know if you come across and BIG and GIRLIE ones! I love the giant 3 peice wood kitchen from pottery barn, but Lee will  divorce me if I spend $700 on a kitchen set lol. I'm currently eyeing some cute ones from KidKraft, the same company that makes their favorite wood food sets. But I really wish they made a big multi peice set kitchen like  the pottern barn one! So yeah, let me know if you have recommendations :-)


  1. The pictures of the two girls cuddling up are so cute! My girls play a similar game on their grandma's iPad... some farting dog! They think it is HILARIOUS! :)

    How exciting that you will be doing your first photo shoot! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

    Thinking of you guys on Friday as she gets tubes!

  2. I'm glad you are taking extra time deserve it!

    I told Tyler I want to get Kyla a kitchen for Christmas this year. I think she'll love it. My mom has one at her house and Kyla just started showing interest in it. So if you hear of any good ones, please share :)

    I need to look around my area and see if there are any good consignment stores. I love hearing all the good deals you get!

  3. That first pic of the girls is adorable. You scored some great finds. I need to find a good consignment store near us.

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (too much???) I LOVE THE outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get them this week! YAY! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!


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