Saturday, June 9, 2012

So long, farewell...

This week I've sold just  under $400 worth of baby gear/clothes! I joked with Lee that if our storage room was just a little more packed full maybe  I could turn selling our stuff into a full time job LOL :-P

I have not been  sad selling off the baby gear (just happy  to have  it  out  of here!), but as I  go through the girls' clothes it is pretty sad! I've debated saving a bunch for a quilt  later on, but decided I was unlikely to ever get around to making one. I did set aside a handful of things for each girl to keep in a hope chest, but in general I have sooooooo many clothes and I loved them all!!! So I ended up deciding that really I just needed pictures of everything to reminisce hehe...and so I've been taking pictures of stuff before I bag it up for sale, and I want to do something fun with the pictures at a later date.

Tonight though I thought maybe I'd quick look back and find a few pictures of the girls  wearing some of the right? haha.

The biggest batch of clothing I've sold so far is 3 garbage bags full of size 6-12 month fall/winter stuff to a friend of mine from grad school, who has a daughter almost exactly 1 year younger than Brielle. Worked out great!

Look at all that clothing goodness! :-)

And now for some pictures of Raya and Brielle when they wore just a few of those  outfits---ah, the memories

First Miss Raya (she was such a chunk that  she wore this stuff at a younger age!):

I had almost  forgotten what Raya's pacis looked like!  I'm so used  to Brielle's now haha
And now Miss Brielle:

So yeah, in the end I decided it's  sort of silly for me to be sad about selling off the girls' clothes. Because frankly I think every single outfit has been documented in photos on the blog, plus I've got lots of money now to turn around and buy the girls clothes for the next season, so it's win win! I will miss being able to shop in the teeny tiny section, but the big girl section is so stinkin' fun too---and Miss Raya still has no idea that some kids actually get to choose what they wear, so I'm still having fun picking out all her clothes hehe.

That's all  I've got  for tonight---been busy busy today and Brielle is still sick  and grumpy--ugh!


  1. wow that's awesome that you've made that much money. I'm waiting till Thursday to see if I need to sell the rest of the girls clothes. I have some other stuff to sell that they wont ever use or this next one. good job!

    1. Yeah, I've had awesome luck with Craigslist for big baby items...and also people I know on fb

  2. You have sold so much; that's great!

    I hope I can be okay getting rid of our stuff when it's time. I tend to hang out to things, especially for sentimental reasons. Joe doesn't like having much around though, so I know he will be pushing me to get it out.:)

    1. My mom has always been one to take things to goodwill the second they haven't been used for about 24 hours I'm used to it I guess! That, and I like to watch Hoarders, so that's good motivation to clear stuff out too ;-P

  3. What a great idea to take pictures of everything instead of keeping it all!!!!!! Will be fun for the girls to look back and see how much stuff their mama bought them!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. That's amazing!! I really want to do that. Are you using ebay? Do you do "lots" of clothes or more like one item at a time? I'm gonna get on this!!!

    1. No, I decided not to bother with ebay because of the fees and such. I'm listing it on Craigslist. I get everything together and list it and arrange with the people to meet at a public place for drop off, then I make Lee do the drop off after work (so that I'm not kidnapped and murdered of course ;-)

      The bigger baby items have been going fast. The clothes not as fast because I have nice stuff and want more than 25 cents haha. So I'm taking most clothes to a local consignment store that I often shop at for the girls. I also sold a ton of clothes to a friend (in big lots grouped by size and season)

  5. I feel the same way... I think my iPhoto library has over 15,000 pictures since Cael was born, so chances are good that every outfit is documented somewhere!


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