Wednesday, June 20, 2012

St. Louis Zoo

I still have plenty of vacation pictures to get us through the week  everyone, don't fear! ;-)  Next up after the baseball  game (yesterday's post) was the zoo!

Raya was soooo excited for the zoo. She  especially wanted to see the giraffes. So i felt HORRIBLE that we all got too hot before we had even seen half the zoo (it's HUGE) and she didn't get to see the giraffes because they were way on the other end. We still had fun though, and told Raya that we are going to the Omaha zoo this fall  when it's nice and cool. (We had originally planned to go there this spring and then pushed it back when we planned the st. louis trip).

Here  were  the girls in the hotel room, ready to get going!

In the parking  lot, anxious to go in!

We ended up renting a stroller for the  girls because it was  so hot


Going inside to see the penguins was a popular place---it was nice and cold in there! The line ended up getting really really long to go in, so I'm glad we got in there when we did!

Raya's favorite part of the day,  watching the train go around and around! Look  at her face lol.

We bought bracelets so that we could do "extras" like ride the carousel and train and go to the 3D ride, etc. Raya was the only one to do the carousel though!

Sharing snacks in the stroller. Bryn knows the way to Raya's  heart--food! ;-)
These guys are definitely do they know to  start doing really inappropriate  stuff (like  picking their butt!) when little kids come up to the glass LOL

Suddenly scared--or grossed out, not sure which!

Look Daddy!

Puppy Paci enjoyed the zoo  too :-P

Starting to melt!

These birds  are amazing!

Raya, taking a close look at a real owl!

Finally on the train and very excited! (That's a smile lol)...she was too excited to look at my camera

And now officially melted and wanting her bracelet off! We were all about done at this  point :-P

Madison got an airbrush tattoo on the way out...and  this little boy popped in the  photo with a smile LOL

Showing the  girls....Bryn was yawning with  excitement hehe

The zoo wore everyone out!
Stay tuned for  tomorrow's pictures!!! ;-)


  1. Fun fun fun!!!!! To bad Bryn didn't live closer!!!!! I just love zoos!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Love all the photos! It looks like you guys had a blast! I wish there were a zoo somewhat close to us but there isn't! Glad you guys had fun!!! =)

  3. Sounds like a great trip! Love the pics and my girls love the zoo too! Plan a trip to Des Moines for the Blank Park Zoo and we can all go together! :) It's not as big or exciting though :(

  4. This looks like a really fun day too!

    The girls really crashed at the end - so cute!


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