Thursday, June 7, 2012

Watch out, she'll shoot!

Ok, first  off, I  went to bed at midnight and woke up at 4am with Miss Brielle, who had a fever of 103.3 and was moaning and  crying and pulling at her  ears. Clearly the meds are not working this time. She's already been on like 3-4 different ear infection meds and had an allergic reaction to one. So this morning we are going *back* to the doctor to see what in the world we need to  do for these ears,  and then I'm also asking for a referral to the ear, nose, and throat specialist. I think it's time to discuss tubes :-(  But the  poor girl has suffered enough at this point I think! It's  weird too because neither Lee  or I had problems with ears growing up that  I  know of, and Raya had  a couple ear infections when she was little, but  nothing nearly like what  Brielle has had.

And due to sickie and her grumpiness she can't go to my mom's  today so let's just scratch today off my Etsy sewing list altogether ...major bummer.

However, on a happier note, Miss Raya  is now armed and dangerous! :-)

This was  taken looking  through our sliding glass  door so it's a little dull looking, but  here  is Lee teaching Raya to use the new bow and arrow set he bought her  yesterday---how cute is that?!
Watch out Brielle, they're "hunting" you!

Screaming  "I do it! I do it! I  do it!"

Intense concentration

See, I kept telling Lee  we didn't  need to have any stinkin' boy! haha...I think  our girls will be able to do his manly activities just fine---and they are going to be  waaaaaay better dressed while doing it LOL :-P
Lee ended up bringing Raya inside to practice her "form" :-)


Raya was thrilled :-)

Sweet smile!

So the story behind this  bow and arrow is that  awhile  back  in the local paper I saw that our school district has an archery club for elementary kids. I have no idea the rules/requirements for this club or anything about it really, but I just mentioned to Lee that I thought it was a cool club to have. Now granted, the pictures in the paper were boys hehe...but  Lee said there are many girl archery pros (or whatever they're called!) ....and back  in the day (aka a few months ago haha) Lee  would respond to things like this by saying "well, if I end up getting a boy for baby #3....."  ---but now  lately it seems he responds instead  with a mission to "boy -i-fy" (yes, that's a word I'm  sure) our girls for his own recreational purposes :-) And like  I had told him, if that's  the only reason why you wanted a boy, then it's not a good  reason--because the girls can  go hunting and fishing too! So now there are talks  of pink shotguns and archery clubs and fishing trips hehe...and Raya was clearly in 7th heaven last night as you can tell!!!  (Now I will just need to go shopping to make sure the girls have the  perfect outfits  to wear during these manly activities :-)

Brielle got a turn too! Lee actually  said she had a better grip on the arrow to pull it back than  Raya did  LOL...a natural  perhaps?

And so clearly it  goes without saying.....anything boys can do GIRLS CAN DO BETTER! :-)

....and as a PS props to my honey honorable mention, Lee also surprised me with something last night as well---an external  flash for my Nikon!!! I had been interested in getting one of these because they are supposed to help a ton with my indoor pictures where I don't have  good lighting  and such. Now I will  look super  professional with  this HUGE flash sitting  on top of my camera hehe....can't  wait to try it out! :-)

...he  must have  been  feeling rich  last night after meeting a lady at Walmart  to sell  our  diaper champ LOL.  Lee's  been  delivering all  of my Craigslist  items for me, which is awesome because I don't  mind listing them and setting up the sales, but  the actual meeting a  stranger in a parking  lot to do the sale totally  freaks me out ;-)


  1. Super cute pictures of the girls with lee. Jason wants to get kaylee a little pink gun too...hehe. I had really bad ear infections when I was little & had tubes put in. Neither of the girls have ever had an ear infection. Hope Brielle gets some relief soon

  2. Nice flash... I'm jealous! Although right now I'm REALLLLY pining over a nice macro lens... Joel, are you listening? :)

  3. Raya looks so happy! I'm sure this will be Tyler in a few years with both kids! He is definitely excited about having a boy for these reasons, but I can see Kyla wanting to "hunt" with Daddy too!

    Poor Brielle! I was hoping to read that she was feeling better today. I hope you can get it all taken care of one way or the other.

  4. I think our hubbies would get along well. Joe kind of wanted to be done after the two, and he is fine with all girls, so he has always just taken the girls out fishing and hunting with him. Like I said, he takes Rylee out and teaches her how to shoot his childhood bow. :)

    Poor Brielle still sick!

    I stayed up until midnight last night too. I am trying to get some of my Thirty-One work done before my MIL flies in this weekend. She will be here through the week, so I know I won't get anything done, but I am EXHAUSTED!

    I am heading to nap now before the girls are up from rest time at 3pm. :)

  5. Poor Brielle! I hope she starts feeling better soon. We got a referel for the Ears, Nose & Throat doctor for Emma. She has an appointment on the 14th of this month. I know she need tubes for her ears, but i'm soooo wanting to hold off until after summer. I want her to be able to enjoy swimming this summer, but then again I also want her ear infections to stop. So i'm not sure what we will do. Hope Brielle feels better soon! And the pictures of Raya are too cute with the bow!

    1. Yeah, I was worried about that too....the doctor I talked to today said that many ENTs actually don't tell you to avoid water anymore. My doctor said her little girl got tubes at 8 months and had them until age 3 and they never tried to keep water out and she did totally fine. She said it depends on the ENT's personal opinon. So I'm hoping maybe it won't be that big of a deal!!!!


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