Wednesday, July 11, 2012

18 months old

Happy 18 months baby girl!

I  can't believe you are a year and a half old already! Today we did something monumental to celebrate--we went out for the day and I enjoyed hanging out with both of my BIG GIRLS! We went without a diaper bag, stroller, sippy cups, anything! All i took was one diaper and some wipes in my purse and we were out the door. We played at the Children's museum, had treats at Panera, went to the bookstore, played in the mall play area....both you and Raya  were so good! I'm sure your little legs are tired from walking now, but I was just  so excited to try going out in freedom LOL. It was a wonderful day!

You were 22lbs and 29 inches. You still are about a size 12 month in length, but wearing mostly 12-18 or 18 month clothing just because that's what we have! 18 month pants are still too long though because you're quite a peanut! It's funny when we go out because oftentimes people will comment on how well you walk and run, or how well you eat with silverware, etc. because you look younger than you are size wise. My favorite thing is taking you to DQ and watching everyone point at how cute  you are eating your big bowl of vanilla icecream like a pro! haha

You still aren't talking  a ton, but definitely talking more and more. Some new words are puppy (meaning your puppy paci), up, boo, and Raya (one time you said Raya so clearly that  Raya looked at me  in shock  and said "mommy, she just said my name!"  lol) You understand everything though and sometimes you amaze me with things  you do. Yesterday for example you and Raya were playing with colored pegs. All the sudden you came to me and kept saying "uh oh...bue! uh oh...bue!" and finally I realized you were saying "blue" I found a blue peg on the floor and tried to give it to you, but you wouldn't take it. You kept saying "uh oh, bue!" and finally led me to the kitchen trash can....when I opened the lid sure enough, a blue peg was in the garbage!!! You had thrown it in there and then realized you couldn't reach it to get it back out, so you had come to tell me about it haha. I couldn't  believe you knew what color it was and used blue to describe it!  Another new  trick  is  that you know a lot of songs, and you "sing" them. You don't really say the words, but you definitely babble the right tune! When you recognize a song on our cd in the car you throw up your arms and squeal in excitement before "singing" along :-)

I"m looking forward to Raya starting preschool  in the fall  so that we have a couple morning each week just the two of us! Sometimes I feel bad that I don't get as much one-on-one time with you as I did with Raya,  so I'm glad we'll get to have some "dates" this fall  just us two :-)

So happy 1/2 birthday Missy Moe--you are completely  precious, adorable, and perfect in every way. I couldn't imagine a better "caboose" for our family of 4!!!


  1. That very last picture is seriously adorable! I love it!
    And can I just say that i'm jealous that you have a Panera! It's my favorite and our closest one is about 2 hours away! haha =)

  2. Isn't it great to go out with nothing but a diaperv& wipes.
    Happy 18 months miss brielle
    I'm looking forward to kaylee going to school in the fall so I have Keira time too before baby #3 makes her appearance.
    I love that last picture too

  3. Happy 18 months Brielle! I still need to do Kyla's post, but am waiting for her appointment next week to see how much she weighs and everything.

    That story about the blue peg is so awesome. What a smart girl! Not only for her to remember that it was in there, but to remember that it was a blue one in there. Amazing!

    Love the pictures, as usual.

  4. Happy 18 months to my pretty pretty Brielle!!!!How smart you are with that blue peg!!!
    Grama F


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