Thursday, July 26, 2012

A day in the life

Since I've been slacking on blog posts the last couple days, I thought  I'd entertain you all with a day in the life post---my life is so exciting and thrilling that you will thank me for this :-P

Here's what  we've  been up to today!

7:00am---everyone awake. The girls wake up between 6:30-7:30 am....most days before 7 though unfortunately.

Raya usually wakes  up saying "i'm hungry"....go breakfast is always first on the to-do list!

Looks like a peaceful place  for  a relaxing breakfast doesn't it? Yeah,  imagine two girls pounding on the table demanding waffles and "dip dip" and milk.....I  usually eat standing  up :-P
7:30am --tv and play time. Every morning after breakfast the girls get shows on and are free  to watch tv and/or play with toys upstairs. This  is when I try to wake  up! I check all my internet stuff and think  about the day's plans.

Whenever I  go back to working outside the home I will  definitely miss  having an hour every morning to relax on the couch and play on the internet haha...I like a nicce leisurely morning ;-)

During this time the girls typically play really nicely together.

They do tend to destroy the house during this time, but I  don't care! No blood, no sirens, no worries from me ;-)
8:30am---after  my relaxation time I usually try to be productive for a little bit....*try* hehe. Today I decided to go down to my Etsy closet and check  the status of my shirt inventory to prepare for reopening next  month. My Etsy closet is pretty messy right now!

The girls were upstairs during this time---they were quiet so I didn't care what they were doing lol. But when I came upstairs I  realized Brielle was having  fun throwing toys over the banister....naughty naughty

Then the little s tinker threw  a fit because she couldn't reach the toys that *she* threw down the stairs!
Around 9:15 we got dressed for the day--here is Raya saying "ta-da!" in her closet haha

While  Raya was  getting dressed Brielle made it  her mission to destroy as much of the bedroom as she could :-P

She started by messing  up the dollhouse

Then she tried  to pick  out  her  own clothes....unfortunately she was pulling out Raya's stuff :-P

We're all  dressed! And Raya's room is  officially destroyed haha. I'm not sure if it'll be better or worse when Brielle moves in....less floor space to make a mess with another bed  in there, but  I'm thinking I will  have  to watch my step still!
9:30am --Brielle took  a quick  morning nap (usually  she doesn't  take a morning nap, but I knew we were going to be gone most of the afternoon today). While Brielle napped I got ready and Raya ate her beloved snack

Then after snack  we  got  ready for  swimming lessons! (Raya wanted to pose on the deck ;-)

Trying to give swimming lessons a big  thumbs  up!
11am-- Raya had fun at swimming lessons again. I didn't get any pictures though because I met  a couple fb friends there to sell stuff haha. Sold my breast pump (which in case you didn't know  is apparently a hot ticket item. I was selling  it for $100 and within a couple hours had 4 interested people just from my own fb friends alone haha) anyways, so that and  also a couple pairs  of Brielle's outgrown shoes. Yay money :-)

12pm--after  swimming lessons we headed  into  town to pick  up my  bins f rom the consignment  store. Out of two full bins I took  in they  only returned  about 10 items to me, so I  was happy! Can't  wait to find out how much money it all sells f or!

Then we ate lunch at McDonalds....forgot to take a pic....sorry!

1:30--Grocery shopping at Walmart. After about 3 minutes I called  Lee  and told him I just couldn't do it. Brielle was AWFUL! She refuses  to sit in the cart (the buckle doesn't even work...she knows how to get out) I tried a more  "fun" looking cart but that didn't  work either. She runs wild when not in the cart too. So  all in all it is simply impossible to go grocery shopping with her. I believe the  0-3 year range is when you are pretty much screwed when it comes  to grocery shopping.  Raya only does slightly better  because  I can bribe her. Oy.

I'd turn my  back  to grab something, then turn around to see this.  The whole trip was 1 step forward, 2 steps back!

Raya would have been ok  I  think by herself....but  she saw Brielle being naughty and didn't know why she shoudl stay in the cart when Brielle wasn't. And Raya was better  at Brielle's age because  she didn't have an older sibling walking outside  the cart and  living the good life, while she w as stuck  in the cart seat. It's so hard with two of them.

On the  drive home. We moved Raya to the back of the van this  week so that Finn's  carseat would Daddy? Something tells me you didn't  do the carseat right when Raya screams "wheeeeeeeeeeeee!" every time we go around a curve. (And yes, I took this  while driving, but  in my defense I was on the road to our house in the middle  of nowhere :-)

Tantrums in the kitchen mean it's  time for a late nap!
3pm-- Nap time!!!

And  Mama only has  one word to  say about nap time:


  1. Cute post! Love that last picture! :)

    And I am still laughing about the car seat picture.

  2. I love these posts and seeing people's real life. Kyla gets a kick out of throwing things down the stairs too. Usually it's food though. She has been a little stinker at the store too because Tyler let her out of the cart once and now she thinks she can do it all the time.

    By the way, I like the tote next to the dollhouse with the lid on it :) Looks full, maybe you need another ;)

  3. I love this post! It's definately true life that's for sure! And I so love the photo of Raya in your car with the carseat tipping over! How funny!!!! =)

  4. OMG I love the pic of Raya in her car seat!!!!! It's so ironic because everytime Lee puts the girls in my carseats he is always tring to tighten them and fussing that there too loose!!!!!!!!
    PS I can't wait to have the girls next week!!! Don't think we'll do any grocery shopping though!!!!
    Grama F

    1. I can't wait for you to have them next week either! ;-)

  5. Fun day! And it's funny, I always think that the only reason I CAN sip my coffee and surf the internet in peace is because I am at work! So you may be surprised at how much easier that actually could be!

    And what is it with men and improper carseat installation?? The seat we had in my hubby's car was doing that, his solution? Buy a new one! Because there is no way on earth he installed it incorrectly. So he actually BOUGHT a new "sturdier" one!

    1. I must have had the wrong job, because when I was working I had meetings starting at 7:30am most days--blah! When I go back to work I better ask about their policy on hour long grace periods to "wake up" so I can find a better fit LOL

  6. Love this post! However, my favorite part was the final picture! Ha!

    I've been wanting to do a-day-in-the-life-of video for a LONG time. We'll see if it ever happens!


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