Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awesome! Green! So beautiful! So exciting!

....these are just some of the words that Raya used to describe her fireworks experience last night! lol. Lee's parents stayed here just for  the night because they were antiquing in the area, so they watched Brielle after we put her  to bed so that we didn't have to mess with a tired and fussy baby. Then we took Raya to see the fireworks, and it was the first year that she actually really loved them! I was so happy that she's *finally* old enough to sit still and watch them.

She had gotten her flag shirt I  made her dirt, so she wore a red hair pretty, white tank, and blue skirt....very festive! hehe. I discovered a new favorite summer  hairstyle too...a little side pony/bun with a BIG clippie...she looks like a little salsa dancer or something hehe. Too cute!

She was so excited to go see the fireworks she  wouldn't sit  still and pose for a picture!
We ended up finding a spot to park really close to the fireworks...set up our lawnchairs right by the car and we were all  set! Raya did some sparklers while we waited...

We also  had  to stop at the gas station on our way there so that Raya could  pee :-P we let her pick  out a treat for while we watched. She picked out a swirly lollipop and told me it would "match" the girl!

So we had a wonderful night watching fireworks and eating candy with our "big girl"! Hopefully next year Brielle will be at a better age to go along too :-)

Now today Raya was spoiled  again, because  Mama bought  her a stinkin' huge village  of Littlest Pet shop stuff! lol. The facebook  group I was selling some baby gear through had someone selling all her daughter's littlest pet shop toys....and it looked like fun that Raya and Brielle could play together. OMG, you should see all we got! 6+ houses/play structures, probably 100 different animals, 2 gallon ziplocks full of accessories, etc. etc....crazy! My mom has  it at her house today letting all 4 kids play while she has  them....then tonight I need to figure out where it's going in *our* house! Better sell off some more baby toys to make room :-P

Here's a picture from craigslist  of the  looks like about 5 times as much all  spread out in the living room LOL. Lee is going to kill me! hehe. Love  spoiling  my girlies though :-)

Lastly, here  is a little photoshoot Raya  did for me this morning, just because she looked so dang cute in her  dress!

I'm almost caught up on my Etsy orders, and then the remainder of my Etsy shop vacation I plan to teach myself to shoot in manual mode on my camera--hopefully I can figure it out! I know that's the best way for me to get more consistent with my camera. I found  a little photographer group online that I started reading's supposed to be for amateurs *and* pros, but so far the pros seem a little catty towards wannabes like me haha. Oh well...I'm happy with these!

Telling Brielle to stay away from "her"  photoshoot :-P

Tried a vintage  look....


  1. Kaylee that same little pet shop at grandmas house and she loves it!!!
    Super cute pictures of raya from this morning. Love the vintage look

  2. Pet shop stuff is the best! Emma LOVES to play with her stuff =)
    And your photos are looking really really good! =)

  3. Love the side pony tail! I can't wait to be able to take Kyla to fireworks. All of ours around here got cancelled because it was too dry, but we weren't going to take her anyway. I know she would have freaked out. Hopefully next year!


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