Monday, July 9, 2012

Cousin Lovin'

I  survived! Man, I'm  definitely out of practice with all four of the kiddos here haha.

Thing is, adding a kid (or two) you woudl  think wouldn't  be *that* much extra work. Already feeding 2 kids? Just add a 3rd to the assembly line---no biggie right? But  seriously, over  the course of the day do you know how  much additional work just 1 kid adds?! Changing into  pjs, brushing teeth, baths, breakfast, putting shoes on, etc....each thing you do all day suddenly has those  extra minutes of adding a 3rd or 4th kid, and by the end of the day suddenly you've added a lot of additional work to your day! Phew, I'm tired :-) Also the mess created seems to multiply exponentially when you add kiddos...I have no idea how they make messes so fast!

But they  had  fun...and now they are back  home and I'm back to my two kiddos. Enjoy some pics of  our day! (And I was running around like a chicken with my  head cut these are not quality photographs...just quickie snapshots of cousin lovin ' ;-)

Trying to photograph 4 kids, ages 4 and under is pure hell LOL

Harper borrowed Brielle's clothes  and hair ties today ;-)
Wanna see the destruction that comes from 4 kids? Yeah, you parents of 4 or more completely  insane....or have maids....or close your eyes and pray for the best LOL

Here  they were "camping"

This is how  items travel  from the bedroom to the living room....wanna find Raya's  room? Follow the trail of destruction.

Damn littles pet shop :-P
We  got it  all picked up thankfully. Not  without lots of whining though....I heard "I'm tiiiiiiired of picking up" multiple times! Preachin' to the choir kiddos. I just  say it with less whine :-P

Lunch was well rounded...carrots and oreos haha

This tunnel  traveled around the house  all day.

Harper was miss congeniality today...Brielle squeals anymore when  Raya hangs all over her, but Harper doesn't experience that "love" as often so she was more willing to put up with it! ;-)

Brielle was thrilled to be ignored by Raya :-P

Harper was somehow  sucked  into a game of beauty parlor.  She just sat there for about 20 minutes while Raya and Sawyer stuck  silverware in her hair and pulled on her pigtails and declared "this looks beautiful!" and "she has lots of hair so it takes awhile to get ready"  LOL

She never squealed or tried to get away! haha...just  sat there in utter disgust :-P

Brielle  says "I'm outta here before they come after my ponytail!"
 So that was  our day. I now have until Friday to recover ....tomorrow I think  I'm taking my small little brood of 2 out for the mall and icecream. 'Tis the life of a stay at home mom :-)


  1. I bet the kids had a blast, and made great memories! They are all so cute =)

  2. Yep that mess looks like my house after Thursdays!!!! I can't believe Harper sat there while they messed with her hair! Love the pic with Brielle and her purse!!!
    Love,Grama F

  3. Oh I love Harpi's hair like that. Looks like they had fun at aunt Shawna's.

    1. Yes, Harper knows that Aunt Shawna always does her hair...she runs to the bathroom and sits there just waiting for me! LOL

  4. You are so funny!! :)

    You caught some great moments! I love the pic. of Raya and Harper kissing, and then the one of them doing Harper's hair is adorable!!!

  5. These pics are so funny... and your house is in a similar condition to mine! I love Harper's pigtails, too!

  6. Such cute pictures! You are a brave, brave woman! I can't wait for Kyla to be able to help clean up. I can't believe the messes we have with one kid!


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