Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The DIVA has arrived!

So Brielle has been throwing some doozy tantrums in recent weeks. But usually it's over stupid stuff like being told no more snack, or just because she's tired, etc. I wouldn't  say she's had much as far as true diva moments---until today!

Brielle doesn't  talk much, but  she  lets you know what she wants. Today after she got dressed I tried to grab a hair pretty for her hair--I thought I'd try one instead of a ponytail like normal. Well I grabbed  one that matched  and went to put it  in her hair---and that's when our second DIVA was officially born! (Raya's always been a diva LOL)

Oh my, Brielle ripped that hair pretty out and threw it on the floor  with all  her might! Then she started pointing and grunting at all  the hair pretty choices. Every time I showed her  one she screamed and threw herself on the ground---it was quite a sight. So finally I lifted  her up to  try and calm her down and she reached over and grabbed the most inappropriate hair pretty in the whole bunch---a huge (too big for the amount of hair she has) EASTER PEEPS hair  bow haha. I told her "no, that's  too big for you ---and it's for Easter" and she proceeded to wail and throw herself around in the world's  most dramatic fashion.

Finally  I just gave  in---I stuck  the giant  Easter bow  in her hair. She then stopped crying, gave  it a knowing "pat" on her head, and then smiled at me with the biggest "haha, I just got my way!" grin that  I've ever seen!

I'm so screwed with these two as teens :-P

As if she hadn't  already rubbed her  "win" in my face enough, she then went to the living room and sat like this---tell me she isn't  deliberately rubbing that hair  clip in my face!! What a stinker.

"What? This  little  old bow? It's nothing special...."

And if  you're wondering about  Miss  Raya, she still has  the  nasty looking sore on her  tongue, but I  officially think she's playing me too---you'd think with  a sore like that she'd want to eat yogurt, etc....soft things. No, she  only eats animal cookies, goldfish crackers, cereal, and brownies haha. I told my mom that I think she's just more motivated to eat through the pain when it's something she loves, because  there is no way that goldfish crackers are "softer" than yogurt! :-P

Sorry, that's all  I've got for you today! I feel like crap today---my arthritis really  hurts so I don't make it  off the couch much...and I  think I might have a little bug on top of it. Ugh. Hope your Tuesdays are  going much better!


  1. I feel sorry for both of us when our girls hit the teenager years!!
    I think kids would rather deal with pain so they can eat the good stuff.
    Cute pictures of them though

  2. Hope you and Raya feel better... the sickies SUCK!

    oh and the joys of living with little divas :)

  3. I have been dreading the teenage years ever since they announced, "It's a girl!" six years ago!

    I love how Brielle is sitting in the chair after getting her way - haha!

  4. Glad I'm not the only one with a little tantrum throwing diva. Kyla has been awful lately with tantrums. She has been sick (long story) and I know she's in pain, but still! No wonder I've started having contractions.

    I have to say though, that picture of Brielle in black and white is absolutely stunning.

    1. Oh no! Hope everything is ok with Kyla (and you!)

      Yes, it's a good thing Brielle is cute...I think sometimes the naughtiest kids are the cutest---nature's way of preventing us from eating them or something :-P

  5. I have to have that last pick of Brielle!!!!!!What a pretty pretty Diva!!!!!
    Grama F
    PS I think the bow she picked was perfect!!!!!

  6. awww, but she looks so precious! I'm sorry you're battling tantrums, but I'm secretly glad that I'm not the only one who has a 1 year old who thinks she's 13 =)

  7. I so love to hear other moms post about their kids having tantrums. Because then it just reminds me that my child isn't the only one that does this, and that it is normal =) Brielle does look super cute with the bow though =) And I hope Raya's blister goes away soon!!

  8. Sorry you're not feeling well. I can relate to the cold, but I'm very sorry about the arthritis. But I'm glad you're still up and moving!


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