Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, I  haven't  been  fired *yet* but  I'm sure that's what  you're all going to do when I tell you that for the 2nd day in a row I didn't take any pictures!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know....I'm an awful blogger, and what ever will my girls  do now when they are grown and looking back at pictures and can't find any from July 25th, 2012? Maybe some counseling will be able  to help them work  through that  trauma ;-)

We had fun today though! Raya  had swimming lessons again...and she's getting good! Good as in working the system I mean LOL. Today they were supposed to dive for water toys and put their whole  face under water. I kept my  eye on Raya and she was dropping hers strategically so she could reach down and grab it with just her *chin* under water haha. The one  time it got too deep she went and got an unknowing teacher and convinced them she simply couldn't find it and then he reached down and handed it to her :-P I  even saw her go up to a teacher with a big smile, holding her  water toy proudly, and she told them "I did it!"....and they said something like "good job"....not knowing she never did put her face under....little stinker ;-)

I had told  Raya  this morning that  our plan for the day was swimming lessons, lunch, and then a pool  playdate. Well in my mind I knew  I meant lunch at home---but  Raya *thought* I meant lunch out to cue world's most dramatic tantrum at the pool after I said "let's go home and  eat lunch"----she was crying "but you told me we were eating at a RESTAURANT!"  ...which I did not haha.  Anyways, I eventually compromised and went through the drive through for some french fries, to go with her dinner at home--guess  I better specify more  carefully next time LOL

After lunch we met my good friend from school growing up at the pool for a play  date! She's off in the summer  and with us both being so busy we hadn't gotten together until today. She has  two boys who are 2 and 5 I believe. So anyways, we had  fun! But  ran into the same problem we run into every time--Raya wants  to swim all day in the "deep" water....Brielle wants to swim in the deep water too, only she refuses to stay in her floatie or let me hold her haha. So  swimming is not very relaxing with her. Today she even threw a tantrum in the freaking pool---as in threw herself  on the ground tantrum, only  imagine her shock when she threw herself face first into the water haha. We lasted about 1.5 hours I think though, so really better than I expected.

And now that you know the ins and outs of our day, that's all I have for you all!

To feed your picture fix though, feel free  to read this post from exactly one year ago, to see what  we were doing last year! Can't believe how much the girls have grown!


  1. You're such a sweet mommy, taking pictures almost every day. I go days between. They'll thank you for it one day!

  2. What a smart little girl that Raya is! Working the system..oh that just made me laugh out loud!

  3. This is weird to not see any pictures on your blog, but you are always so good about it!

  4. You make the rest of us look bad with all your awesome pictures, so thanks for taking a couple days off :)


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