Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Following in Mama's footsteps...

Since I still have my mom's little point and shoot from when we went  to the pool last week, I let Raya take some pictures with it...and my oh my, she's now OBSESSED! She loves to take pictures like her mama!!! I think for Christmas she might need her own camera lol.

Here  are some of Raya's photos from the last couple of days....completely unedited! (She also told me what  to put for the captions :-P)

Mommy and Brielle taking pictures

Daddy open his mouth like this

I  playing

Why Brielle crying? Brielle's crying.

Brielle! Brielle taking  pictures on your camera.

Brielle reading a book.

Brielle just  looking.

Mommy! Mommy holding her  soda up.  (Please excuse my tired no makeup look)

Mommy and Brielle

Mommy smiling.

And here is one I snapped quick after prying the camera out of Raya's hands haha
Lastly, here is a new fav that I edited the other night---I finally  downloaded some presets for lightroom! Love this one---I think Raya  looks  like a little woodland fairy hehe.


  1. I love her comments! And her very first pic of you and Brielle isn't too bad... and has interesting perspective! Maybe she'll get the "eye" too!

  2. LOVE that last pic... teach me your skills on the camera my friend!

    and Raya is so cute with the picture taking... Lidia is in the 'camera phase' too!

  3. OMG, her captions crack me up. She did great taking pictures! I love the last picture too...so cool!

  4. Raya is a natural. At least all the pictures still have your heads in them! Good job Raya.

    Love that picture of Raya and the editing you did.

  5. I love that she gave you her own captions. She is going to be a little photographer like R. :P I was thinking I need to get R a camera too, and actually she did pick out a Dora one from Toys 'R Us, but it was not a good one so I returned it. I am actually looking at the v-tech now. It seems pretty cool!

    That last picture you took is AWESOME! I absolutely love it!!!

  6. I LOVE the photos that Raya took! When we went to New York City I gave Emma my point & shoot camera with an SD card and she completely filled it with about 500 photos. It was so cute to come home and see what she took. She loved it! And the photo of Raya by the tree is beautiful!!

  7. I love the last picture of brielle! Raya did a great job taking pictires.

  8. Raya is doing great with her pics!!!!!!!!!!Love, love,love the last pic of Raya!!!!!!


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