Saturday, July 28, 2012

Get the most $$$$ for your baby/kid's stuff! Tips :-)

First off, today at bath Raya showed me all  the tricks she  learned  at swimming lessons. And let me just  say, I  made  fun of her wasting time int he bathroom on Friday, but she apparently did learn a lot that last  day (I couldn't w atch much because I had Finn with me). Tonight in the bath that girl had her whole head underwater swimming away! I couldn't believe it! She was like a mermaid and barely came out of the water  for breaths of air the whole time  haha.  I think we have a swimming  machine ;-)

After bath I got to thinking  I never took a picture of Raya with her swimming certificate after her last class Friday. Since  it's  her  first completion certificate of any kind I thought we better  document it!

In other  news, I  am done watching baby  Finn after Tuesday (we will  miss  him! But I'm excited for the  freedom again haha)  I finally  got around to listing my baby swing for sale....and had it  sold in less than a day! So today Raya came into  town with me to meet for that pickup (I got $60 for it--wahoo!) and afterwards we had a girls' a fternoon without Brielle.  Raya was  so excited.

I had  to share what I chose to spend a little of my swing money  on  could  I pass up these coordinating outfits...Too  cute!

Raccoon for Brielle and owl for Raya of course! This is  currently the  lead contender for  Raya's first  day of preschool outfit  I think ;-)

And now I  thought I'd share some tips and tricks I've learned over the last couple months of selling off our  baby stuff for those who are wanting to do the same or might be doing so in the future! I have been soooo pleased with how much money  I've gotten for my stuff, but I feel like there is definitely a science to getting the most money, so here are some of my tips in no particular order! :-)

1) Do not garage sale your  items. This is not a good way to get the most money  for your stuff! Not  only do you spend time pricing and organizing your sale, but then you have to sit there for a day or two. Your time is worth something. Besides that, for the most part people who are at garage sales are  looking for BARGAINS. Like 50cent outfits  and $10 baby swing bargains. Unless your stuff is  very old/worn/etc. you can get way more than this in other  venues.

2) Facebook and Craigslist are your friends :-) My first choice for selling items is Facebook. First,  simply posting on your own page is often a huge success. I sold a ton of my stuff to a fb friend having a baby soon. It's great because you know the person is legit and it's  often easy to arrange a meeting. I  have also  had g reat success on FB buy/sell/trade  groups.  You can search and there is pretty much a group for every city. There is a group specifically for  baby and kid items in the town where  Lee works, so I've had a lot  of luck posting there and then people are  able to meet lee  after work to pick up. It's  nice because on fb you can avoid the spam you often get on Craigslist, plus you often have the same people buying and selling in the groups and they become established as legit people. My last go to option is Craigslist. I always put in my  ad "put 'baby swing' in the subject line so I know it isn't spam" (or whatever item you are selling)...makes it easier  to weed out the spammers. So far I haven't been burned at all on Craigslist either...always meet in a public  place ;-) I never have anyone come to my home.

3) Gender neutral sells best.  If you have gender neutral baby gear items (swing, bouncey,  excersaucer, etc. etc.) you will  get more money, and faster! Many people do not find out what they are having ahead of time, so they are buying neutral. Many others know w hat they are having, but want it neutral  for future kids. So I  often see pink swings sit on Craigslist  week after  week, whereas mine sold in less than a day. Certainly not always the case if you find the perfect buyer, but I've found it to be a key thing if you're thinking about resale value.

4) Pictures speak  1000 words. Oh my, I  do not understand all  the people who post a picture of their hot mess of junk and then say "giant tub of baby clothes ---$40 takes all" ....I  don't care  if $5 takes all, I'm not buying a mystery bin of crap!

Would you rather buy this:

Honestly, I see pictures  like this constantly.
Or buy this?

And r eally, it doesn't take *that* long to lay your stuff out and snap a quick  picture. The people who do mystery piles of crappy looking s tuff ask .25cents-$1 for items....I've been selling my stuff for $3-$5 a piece just for basic shirts and such. That extra money adds up when you're  talking a quick picture!

5) Descriptions are important. I  always make sure  to  put things like "only  worn a couple times" and "super  clean" and "lots of compliments!" etc. in my descriptions. This is all  true and I  feel like it reassures people who are nervous to buy "used" clothes. If it's something that does have some wear I  say "mild washwear" ...people have actually message me to say they appreciate the honesty and feel  better buying from me because of it. Also if you have good brands, be sure to list it! People like to see Children's Place, Gymboree, Gap, etc. If it's Garanimals or Walmart etc. I just conviently leave off the brand, unless people ask :-)

6) List at appropriate times.  List your fall/winter  stuff in late summer, and your spring/summer stuff in late winter. That's when people are in the mood to buy for the next season. I'm not even bothering listing my summer clothes right now b/c people aren't really buying that right now.

7) List smaller items in "lots". On Craigslist I  list  like  items in lots so that nothing is less than $15 usually. It's worth our time to swing by a parking lot and meet someone for $15. I personally don't feel it's worth my time over $3 for one baby outfit, etc. On facebook groups I started listing all my items and people can pick and choose the different outfits they want, but I have a minimum purchase total  they must meet before I  will meet them for pickup. Otherwise my time is worth more than the item and I'd rather consign it.

Anyways,  those are the big tips I  can think of off the top of my head! Enlightening wasn't  it? haha. Now if I *wasn't* a stay-at-home mom I would still sell my bigger baby items....because honestly when you can take a $99 swing that you've used for 3 years and sell it for $60 I  consider that pretty damn good! If I was  working though I might be less likely to piddle with some of the smaller ticket items, but I  sort of consider  it a part  time job right  now in a way!

And I even *made* money on some items believe it or not...for example, I buy the girls' pjs on super clearance a year or two ahead....usually pay less than $3 for Carter's pjs. I just sold a lot of those  pjs for $3 each, so two girls wore them over 3 years and it basically  paid nothing for them. Smart shopping ladies ;-)


  1. Great tips I agree with all of them. I usually sell all my stuff on Craigslist and have gotten great feed back. I even get return customers when I was selling the girls clothes. Which I will do again after baby 3 outgrows her stuff I'll be selling it off. I sold a lot of stuff to a blogger friend too. That little bit of money helps when you stay at home. I use that money to buy the girls new clothes or shoes. Those coordinating outfits are too cute

    1. It's definitely nice when you can find people that have kids a year or so behind your own, and then just constantly sell them your stuff as you outgrow it! I hope to have return "customers" too haha

  2. I love the pictures of Raya with her certificate! Great job!!! And I really need to do something with all of Emma's baby stuff. I have everything in totes and what not, but really really need to go through everything and take photos and post it! =)

    1. It's addicting once you get started and start getting "paid" for your trouble! I can relate to it all being overwhelming though to start---kids accumulate a lot of crap! haha

  3. Awesome tips! I will definitely be coming back to read this post down the road when I am going through all our stuff.

    I have done a couple of garage sales in the past, and I have to agree with you - such a waste of time. Now, anything we have gotten rid of, we just donated to Goodwill. However, I would love to try and sell next time.

    1. Yes, I donote all my own clothes, etc. In the past I haven't wanted to mess with selling and really, when you're talking adult clothes, housewares, etc. it's probably not worth the time trying to sell most things.

      But kids stuff is definitely something people are always looking for used so it's much more worth the hassle!

  4. Good tips! I would have been the lady spending all my time on a garage sale. Now (whenever the time comes) I will make sure to sell on Facebook and Craigslist.

  5. I'm sooo glad Raya had fun at swimming lessons, her first official social activity was a success!!Hey I thought the kids were to wear play clothes to preschool????
    Grama F

    1. I do consider those "play clothes"....they were off the $5 mix and match table at Sears, so no special brand or anything!


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