Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Icecream and swimming-- by ruling of the Queen

Raya decided that she wanted to eat icecream at a table (which means  in the DQ, not  in the car haha) and then go to the little pool (the wading pool in town) today, and when the queen makes her ruling all  the peasant people get to work making it happen! ;-)

You can just see the diva-ness radiating off of her as she marches, can't you?! ;-)

Brielle is happy to do whatever  Raya declares  the day's activity :-P

I was  in trouble  when the Queen discovered that Dollar General was sold out of the floaties I  had  promised her...so she settled for a noodle and beach ball....which I had to blow up in the car--I practically passed out.

There weren't  a ton of other kids  to play  with today, but we stayed about an hour and they  had fun! The icecream cones all around before  we swam didn't  hurt  either :-)

Please excuse my pastey white thigh--my legs are incapable  of tanning lol
Before we left, while Brielle  finished up her nap, Raya took  some pictures for me. I've realized I can't do pictures in hats very well haha...at least not giant ones like this! I had a really hard time with lighting under the hat, but  oh well. This weekend I plan to get the book "understanding exposure" to help get me started on shooting in manual. That will help a lot with all my poor lighting conditions!

(I played with a lot of editing effects on these....please excuse the inconsistency)

I  didn't tell her to hold her hat like this---she was just worried about the wind blowing her  hat  off haha

She said "mommy, now this  is my  sweet face" :-P

I think  tomorrow we're  going to  do  the mall  and  children's museum---let them  destroy someone else's toys  instead of the ones in my house! ;-) Hope everyone's off to a great week!!


  1. I love these pictures! They are so cute! And I also love the comment that you made about white legs! Totally made me laugh, and i'm the exact same way. My whole body will tan, except my legs! =)

  2. Great pictures! I love the ones of Raya holding her hat! :)

    I had to laugh picturing you blowing those new pool toys up and almost passing out! I know the feeling - haha!

  3. Cute pics of Raya with her hat!!! I can't wait to see the girls tomorrow, it seem like forever since I've seen them!!!
    Grama F

  4. You are getting so good with your photography!

  5. Those hat pictures are beautiful!!!


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