Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm in love :-)

You may remember a post  I  did  a few months back  about organizing kids' closets  ....well I  had been planning all along to get a closet organizer for when  the girls share a room, and on Friday night my loving husband was feeling generous and let me pick  one  out! Times  like  this  I'm very glad  to have married a handy guy ;-)

We got this system for $ we're not talking imported cherry wood or anything LOL....but I love how  it turned out! The closet  before worked just  fine for Raya, but  I knew  we definitely needed  more *hanging* space when they shared....this works perfectly! I was able to fit all  of their  stuff in this  closet.  The only things that  don't fit are their winter coats/snowpants and their  socks and underwear. I just have their  winter coats in another  closet and ended up using their pink nightstands (each has two drawers) to store socks and  underwear (one drawer for each :-)

Brielle won't move  into the room until after age 2 (unless she starts climbing out of her crib before then!) but I did combine their closets this weekend now that  we have this organized. Makes putting a way their laundry, and getting them  dressed, much  easier  when it's all together!

Raya is so pumped about having her  clothes where  she can reach them....she's already mentioned picking out  her  own clothes  (uh-oh!) so I better set some ground rules fast haha.

So check  out their new closet!

^^^ Right now I  have  Raya's clothes  hanging on the bottom, and Brielle's on top. When  Brielle is old enough to want her  clothes at her level I'll let them each have a side....some top, some bottom.

On the right hand side is their current season clothes....that  side is bigger than the left  side, so it works well. The left side  is their  out of season stuff, that fits. All of their  out of season stuff that is too big or small is in storage.

There  is some empty space right  now because their clothes aren't very long, but obviously as they get bigger  their clothes  do too, so we  had to leave space for them  to grow into the closet so  to say.

The shoe rack  on the  right actually didn't come w ith the system we bought---it  was what  I had their dollhouse sitting on--but  Brielle had been climbing it to get to the dollhouse so we put the dollhouse on the floor and moved the shoe rack  into the closet---looks like it came  with it!

On the left, on the floor, I had some wire racks that I  put over there to store hats  and  accessories.

The center shelving will  change depending on the season, but for  now it's all  their swimsuits  on top, below that  is Raya's skirts, then Brielle's pjs (the  biggest shelves are  for  pjs because when it's  winter and we pull out the  heavy fleece footies they will  take up more  room!), then Raya's jeans/shorts, then Raya's leggings, and on the bottom is Raya's pjs. (All  of Brielle's leggings, skirts, jeans are on the shelf on the  left  hand side).

This  is  looking  to  the can  see all  Brielle's non-hanging stuff stacked on the shelf. The top shelf way up high  is for shoes (in boxes)....mostly shoes that are  a little big still or not  worn often.

The shoe rack is for  shoes worn often or without shoe boxes.

 So how stinking exciting is that?! My little  fashionistas now have the perfect closet ;-) This will  also be nice for sharing clothes  and will make  it  easy for Raya to pass things  right  over  to Brielle's side of the closet  when she outgrows them (when Brielle  is a little older and  closer  in size to Raya of course)

Raya loved helping  me move her  stuff  into the new  closet...check  out this look  she put together with things she found!

She  also pick  this  out! haha

Completely unrelated  note,  Brielle loves  to sweep!

Good  work Missy :-)

Lastly, yesterday we went  to a local  county fair---it's actually a pretty big county fair (they had Toby Keith and Blake  Shelton for performers so pretty decent :-) unfortunately we couldn't go to the concerts with our munchkins (they would never  sit that  long!)  but we had  lots  of fun riding carnival  rides, eating fair food (Raya loves  the funnel  cakes and Brielle loved the icecream!), and seeing the animals (Raya sat and  watched a whole calf show---she  likes  cows :-)  So we had a great day, even without my nifty new closet haha

Hope you all are having a great weekend too!


  1. This is awesome! I can't believe you got all that for $60!!

    1. Thanks! We got this system at Menards, but I'm sure any home improvement store has similiar. My husband said it was a pain to put together, so I'm sure the low price means they shorted us on good directions LOL...but he figured it out :-)

  2. I need to get something like this for the girls since all 3 of them will be sharing one closet until we move. Looks good

    1. Thanks! Yes, with 3 sharing a closet you definitely need something like this!

  3. This is exactly what I want to do in the boys' room at our new house. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I bet you are so super excited to start decorating and organizing the new place! :-)

  4. WOW!!! I'm impressed, does Lee hire out!!!! Love that Raya wants to pick out her clothes!!!!Hey you know ther are child labor laws, poor Brielle, chores and she's not even two!!!!
    Grama F

    1. We just have to teach Raya to do dishes and laundry and I'll be set :-)

  5. Super jealous! We have such small closests in our house. Maybe someday i'll be able to convince my husband that we should build a new house with big closests and more than one bathroom!! =)

    1. Oh man, one bathroom won't be very fun when Emma is older! haha.

  6. Very nice! We will definitely be getting one of these for Kyla's closet soon (hopefully sooner rather than later). Don't laugh at me, but I ended up putting our extra changing table that we got from my brother in the baby's closet. It fits really nicely in there and is perfect for storage!

    Kyla loves to sweep too. And she really loves to empty the dishwasher!

    I love Raya's fashion choices :)

  7. I love it! I have been looking into getting a closet organizer for this baby since we don't have a lot of room in there, but then I wonder if I should wait since we want to buy again soon... once we can start looking. :)


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