Saturday, July 14, 2012


Today I decided that I wasn't going to hold my kids hostage inside just because they have this hand, foot, and mouth. Honestly,  they  act completely normal! I know they have it, but only  because Sawyer and Harper had it...otherwise I probably wouldn't even know they had anything right now.

So anyways, maybe I'm horrible, but I figured being outside at a parade, not rubbing on or kissing other kids, wouldn't kill anyone :-P Raya was sooooo excited too! I"m glad we went :-)

Raya has already planned  out the next year  of her life and which piece of candy she's going to eat on which day true Raya fashion :-P Brielle stayed  on Lee's lap mostly---not so sure of the loud noises and trucks and screaming kids ---but she maintained a tight grip on her candy bag!!

I did  all these pics in black and white---partially because I need practice with black and white conversions and partially because I hate all the mismatched colors of the crowd/floats haha.


I told Raya that the cutest little girls with the biggest waves would get the most candy...she waved her little  heart out! hehe

And lastly, Brielle was HYPER before we left  this I snapped a couple quickies :-)

Let's go to the parade! :-)


  1. I love the picture of Brielle on Lee's lap, and that last picture of her is super cute!

    I had to laugh when you said you did black and white photos partly because of the mismatched colors of all the floats! :)

    1. LOL...I know, I wish I could have gotten some pictures of the floats ahead of time to somehow color coordinate our outfits, but alas there was lots of clashing ;-)

  2. I can just see Raya waving and smiling to get them to throw her the beloved candy!!!!!Love the last pic of Brielle!!!
    Grama F


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