Friday, July 13, 2012

Running a tight ship

You may wonder how I do I'm always watching additional kids and seemingly with great ease. Well, it's quite simple actually.

You see, I run a very tight ship at my house.

I have strict rules in my house, and I enforce them. The girls are like little soldiers...their listening skills are well beyond their years. When I tell them to do something---oh, like get down, sit, be nice, follow mama's directions---they listen immediately.

So then it's quite easy to add additional  kids to my care from time to time....because we have all  these rules clearly laid out...and everyone just falls right in line!

It really keeps fighting and oh, things  like injuries, to a minimum. I would suggest you all  try my techniques yourself.

I  really wish I had some picture  examples to illustrate my point, but alas I'm too busy running this  tight ship to even think about taking pictures...

In other news, Miss Raya  now has hand, foot, and mouth disease too. We must have pretty mild cases though because really Brielle has acted pretty good today, and Raya acts totally  fine. I had to point out the giant blister on her lip this morning, because she never even mentioned  it!! They still  both eat like pigs  too haha...I  guess  that's not  surprising.

Brielle really  is the worst at night when she sleeps. I think  the sores make paci  use difficult, which in turn pisses her  off!
I  am very surprised that  Raya  ended up getting sick too....because I  keep an immaculate house and  we practice extreme cleanliness....we never do  things that  would spread germs as  you can  clearly  see.

The weather today  has been  cloudy and it even rained for about half the not good picture taking conditions unfortunately for me to practice. But I did take some quick snapshots of the kiddos.

"Cousins are many. Best friends are few. What a rare delight to find both in you." ~Anonymous
Lastly, just a couple quickies of Miss Raya this  morning when I was playing around with the camera...

T.G.I.F !  Hope everyone has an awesome weekend :-)


  1. Looks like a real tight ship!!!!!! Love the cousin pic and saying!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Oh my word this post makes me laugh!!! It's like me, you know I would never let Emma eat anything but breakfast food for breakfast, and for sure never an oreo coolata from Dunkin Donuts ;) That may or may not have happened about a week ago! =)

  3. Ohhh... poor Miss Raya! I feel bad for them, but at least they seem to be doing fine with it!


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